TV star talks backlash she received after breaking outfit protocol

Ciara Sheppard
Contributor Yahoo Style UK

The royal wedding was the most talked about (and watched) wedding in recent history, and to be honest, we still think our invite got lost in the post.

One person who made it on the guest list to watch the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was TV presenter and fitness blogger Chloe Madeley, who attended with her fiancé James Haskell.

For the occasion, the 30-year-old dressed in a pretty pale pink, strappy dress with a matching clutch and hat, which seems totally reasonable for a warm spring day – doesn’t it?

Chloe Madeley with fiancé James Haskell in the dress that caused social media users to rage. [Photo: Getty]

Well, it turns out the royal family might have had a problem with Chloe’s dress as it’s revealed she broke protocol.

Speaking on ‘Lorraine’ today, the blogger told Christine Bleakley: “The invite just said day dress and hat.

“Of course traditionally you have to cover shoulders in church so I had a jacket with me.

“It was so hot and I was on coach to the chapel and I thought ‘I am overheating, I need to take this jacket off’.

“So [my fiance] James said, we would do the walk and then before going into the chapel I would put it on again.

Chloe left her jacket by accident so was forced to do the walk bare-shouldered. [Photo: Getty]

“When we got there I said, ‘OK can I have my jacket now’ and he said ‘I don’t have your jacket’.

“I thought, well I’m going in with my shoulders out but it’s OK it’s not a big deal nobody, will care…”

But she was wrong, as royal fans watching the wedding live were left annoyed at Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan’s daughter’s outfit, all thanks to a religious rule.

One Twitter user fumed: “Chloe Madeley is so inappropriately dressed for a royal wedding – absolutely shocking.”

Rules of etiquette say women should cover their shoulders while in church and wear a hat, a rule that the blogger wasn’t aware of.

As a result, social media users lashed out at Chloe for her shoulder-exposing, cleavage-baring dress which she wore without a jacket.

Chloe added: “People definitely cared. They said you’re offending the house of the Lord. I thought I did not need a religious war, but lesson learnt.”

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