TV star, 50, defies body trolls with incredible ab snap

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

She’s just been in France on holiday for the last two weeks, but while most of us would be sporting a Brie food baby, Davina McCall is showing off her insanely fit body in a bikini on Instagram.

The 50-year-old British TV star has come under fire in the past before with some slamming her too-skinny frame, but Davina is having none of it, and refusing to let the haters stop her from sharing the holiday snaps that make her happy.

“Bye bye France,” Davina captioned the snap of her in a bright yellow bikini.

“Back next year… I’ve been very French the last two weeks.”

But some continue to slam the star for her physique.

“Sorry this don’t look nice, too skinny,” wrote one.

“Put some weight on,” wrote another. [You’re] fifty, skinny like that’s not healthy.”

“We don’t need to see it all Davina thanks,” slammed another troll.

But for every negative comment, there were those who sprung to the mum’s defence.

“Some very negative people commenting,” wrote one fan. “Did she ask for an opinion of how she looks? I see a beautiful lady looking happy so if you can’t say anything nice keep ya narrow minded cake holes shut!”

“Davina you’re actually an inspiration,” added another supporter.

The mum, who has three children with her ex-husband Matthew Robertson, explains she love how being fit makes her feel and prefers to do three or four sessions of cardio, for 45 minutes each session, to keep her mood up.

And she’s more than happy to show her body off in revealing snaps.

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