This TV doctor's unrecognisable throwback is blowing minds

Bianca Soldani
Acting Lifestyle Editor

He’s one of Australia’s most recognisable television scientists, but we bet you won’t be able to guess who he is from this throwback photo.

The ruggedly handsome man in this old snap is aged in his early 20s and seen sporting a very untidy beard and floppy haircut – neither of which he currently has.

The image was shared on Facebook by Triple J hosts Ben and Liam this week, and has since been liked close to 6K times, blowing the minds of Aussies across the country in the process.

Do you recognise this handsome hunk? Photo: Facebook/Triple J

So have you guessed who it is?

It’s Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, who regularly appears as a guest on Sunrise and has made a name for himself for explaining complex science in a way the rest of us can understand.

When confronted about the flashback photo, the now 68-year-old Dr Karl nonchalantly told Ben and Liam, “Oh yeah, that’s me”.

“That’s me sitting on the top of Mount Keira with my parents, watching the yachts go by past Wollongong on their way from Sydney to Hobart.”

It’s Australia’s favourite TV scientist Dr KarlKruszelnicki! Photo: Facebook

He went on to give the radio hosts a very wise musing about young people which is particularly poignant in the age of social media madness.

“Everybody from about 15 to 30 are incredibly handsome and/or beautiful and yet, so insecure,” he said, “And it such a wasted thing.”

So, the moral of the story? Drop those inhibitions and enjoy your glory days, kids!

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