TV presenter's epic response after being called 'too skinny' by trolls

Sarah Carty
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Kathie Lee Gifford has passionately hit back at internet trolls who have been slamming her over her weight.

The 65-year-old TV presenter, who is also an actress and a singer, claimed she’s sick of strangers asking her why she’s so skinny and inquiring about her health.

Appearing on her NBC show, The Kathie Lee and Hoda Show, Kathie took a stance against her haters and said she’s never been happier with how she looks and feels.

Kathie Lee Gifford has hit back at internet trolls who shamed her for being ‘too skinny’. Photo: NBC

“I am so happy. I am thrilled to be so fit, so healthy, so happy and so hopeful. Sue me. I like that, sue me if that bothers you,” Kathie said.

“I’ve had three doctors’ appointments in the last two weeks. Healthier than I’ve been in my entire life, more fit, happier, more excited.”

Kathie went on to say that she’s working ten times harder than she did in her 20’s and ‘if that’s upsetting people, they have to look at themselves why it’s upsetting to them’.

“My real people in my life, the people whose opinions actually matter, are thrilled for me, thrilled for me,” she continued.

“I did a major motion picture, which I wrote, based on a woman that’s newly widowed, she’s been a widow for a little over a year and she’s a runner.

“I started getting in shape for that movie last Fall because I knew we were going to shoot it in the Spring, that’s what actresses do.”

Kathie said she got in shape for a new film she’s set to star in. Photo: Getty Images

“If you really care, pray for me, thank you.”

Kathie’s impassioned speech hit a cord with a lot of her viewers, who took to Twitter to vent their own anger t being skinny shamed.

“As a skinny girl, I get comments like you need to eat or you’re too skinny. It burns me up. I would never go to someone who is heavy and say something to them. There is NO difference. People need to learn good old fashioned manners,” one person said.

“I hear you!! Lost 50 lbs and now people say I’m too skinny?!?! Unhealthy is the norm, can’t control what others think or how miserable they are with themselves,” another person said, sympathizing with Kathie.

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