Which TV And Movie Deaths Were So Brutally Heartbreaking (Or Totally Unnecessary) That You Just Can't Get Over Them?

So, if you're anything like me, you probably become suuuuper attached to fictional characters in TV shows and movies.

But sometimes, your fictional faves aren't super lucky and end up dying, and you end up having the most visceral reaction — it's like you just lost your closest friend.

A man crying on his couch

Like, maybe you cry ugly tears every single time you watch Little Women because you cannot even bear to watch Beth die.

Closeup of Beth in "Little Women"
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Or maybe you let out the most unholy gasp when Bill and Frank's love story ended with them dying in each others' arms on The Last of Us.

Closeup of Bill and Frank

Perhaps you're still reeling from the series finale of Killing Eve because Villanelle being killed off literally made ZERO sense and was a pretty crappy ending.

Screenshot from "Killing Eve"

Heck, maybe you can't get over how betrayed you felt when Rue died in The Hunger Games, because she deserved to win!!!!

Screenshot from "The Hunger Games"

So, we'd like to know what TV and movie character deaths made you say, "Nope! I'm done." In the comments below, tell us which character AND why their death hurt you so much. The best responses will be included in a BuzzFeed Community post.