Turia Pitt's brutally honest post about breastfeeding

Rebekah Scanlan
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Turia Pitt has been very open about every step of motherhood.

Now the 30-year-old has shared a brutally honest snap of her breasts, showing how her body has been affected from breastfeeding.

In the photo shared on her Instagram Story, the first-time mum is wearing a khaki bikini top which is filled out on one side, and gaping on the other.

Turia Pitt has shared a brutally honest photo about the realities of breastfeeding. Source: Instagram/TuriaPitt

“Retired,” Turia wrote over the photo, with an arrow pointing to her smaller boob.

“Very much at work,” she wrote next to the visibly plumper one.

The first-time mum has a son,  Hakavai, born six years after she suffered burns to more than 60 per cent of her body. Source: Instagram/TuriaPitt

Her hilarious sense of humour shines through on the image, that will no doubt be relatable to all the mums out there.

Turia and her partner Michael Hoskin welcomed their son Hakavai in December last year, six years after she suffered more than 60 per cent burns to her body. 

She became a household name after the shocking accident, in which she was trapped in a bush fire in Western Australia whilst competing in an Ultramarathon event.

She has since gone on to become a motivational speaker and author, and has been documenting her motherhood journey for her 830k followers. 

She’s been sharing her motherhood journey on Instagram, including incredible shots of her pregnancy. Source: Instagram/TuriaPitt

In March she told Be it was easy to feel “overwhelmed” by becoming a mum.

“It’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed when your baby is crying or not sleeping, and get in that loop of ‘oh, if he doesn’t sleep now, then he won’t sleep later, and then I won’t sleep well tonight, which will make tomorrow stressful etc.'” she said.

“But that doesn’t help anyone! So I’m trying to stay in the present moment – and enjoy all of it,” she added. 

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