Tulane player delivers the most overdramatic football flop of the year

Chris Cwik
Tulane logo.
One Tulane player gave one of the best performances we've ever seen. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

It’s early, but we’ve already determined the college football flop of the year. It was delivered by Tulane in the third quarter of Saturday’s game against Southern Mississippi, and it was glorious.

The incident occurred after a Tulane interception. As players from Tulane were celebrating the turnover, Southern Mississippi’s Trivensky Mosley shoved a Tulane player. The Tulane player reacted in a pretty overdramatic manner.

At least, that’s our take. You can be the judge:

It’s unclear which Tulane defensive player is delivering the performance of the year. Process of elimination narrows it down to Will Harper, Chris Joyce, Tyler Judson, Marvin Moody or Thakarius Keyes.

Whoever it is, the player not only reacts as though he’s been trucked, but he somehow pulls off a trust fall as he’s fainting to the ground.

The tactic worked. Mosley received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

The flop led to points for Tulane. The penalty moved the team down to the 2-yard line. While a false start moved Tulane back to the 7-yard line, the team scored on the next play, extending its lead to 23-13.

The team technically didn’t need the penalty yardage from the flop to put points on the board, but the acting job was well worth it as far as we’re concerned. Even Meryl Streep can appreciate the nuance involved in that performance.


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