Try Saying This Affirmation for 21 Days and See What Happens

Your morning routine is a special time to pamper yourself and get pumped for the day ahead. If you've been feeling low on confidence or want to add magic to your morning mirror time, you'll love this new positive morning affirmation routine. While many manifesting methods offer small boosts, TikTok's latest affirmation technique is perfect for those wanting something a bit more profound. It's called the "21-Day Morning Mirror Mantra," once you try it, you'll be excited to wake up early every day!

This trend comes from spiritual creator Sarah Perl (aka @HotHighPriestess), who shares her viral manifesting techniques with her 2 million followers. Known for popularizing trends like the "O Method," Perl continues to grow her following by helping people manifest their dreams. In her latest video, Perl explains that a positive sense of self is key to manifesting, and she recommends using morning affirmations to boost your vibration and self-worth. "If you want to instantly appear super attractive to everyone or to a specific need to try saying these affirmations for 21 days and see what happens," says Perl.

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While you're getting ready in the mirror, repeat these affirmations to yourself: "I don't chase, I attract; my energy is expensive and exclusive; my energy is addicting; it is a privilege to be around me; the thought of me is intoxicating and all-consuming."

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The creator suggests doing this every day for 21 days straight, but many who have tried the technique say they see benefits after just a few days! Others liked the technique so much that they've made it a permanent part of their morning ritual. This method can be applied to any aspect of your life, depending on what you're hoping to attract. For example, you can try this technique while doing your makeup or spraying your favorite perfume to help attract love and romance. Or you can repeat these affirmations to yourself in the mirror at work if you need a confidence boost before giving a presentation or asking for a raise. Try it out for the next month and see how different your life is in just 21 days!

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