Would you try this creative new sex move?

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Who doesn’t love trying new things in the bedroom?

There have been some very creative bedroom moves born this year such as ‘Queening’, the empowering position for women.

But now there’s a new move in town and it’s apparently driving people wild.

2018 has seen the introduction of several new sex moves. But have you tried this one? Source: Getty

It’s called ‘The Cross’ sex position and according to Bustle, it’s the simple bedroom move every hetero couple needs to try.

Branded perfect for “lazy Sundays”, it involves your partner laying on their side, while you lay perpendicular to them.

You then need to hook your knees over their hips, shimmy closer and guide them inside of you.


‘The Cross’ is described as perfect for “lazy Sundays”. Source: Getty

The position is meant to give you a unique view of each other as well as the opportunity for deep penetration.

You can even add a toy for some clitoral stimulation if you fancy.

So, would you give this move a whirl? 


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