The truth about flying business class

Allison Yee
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The hallowed, ultra-luxurious and completely reclining seats of business class. It’s something all travellers aspire to, and not many get to experience.

Staring down the barrel of a lengthy trek back to Australia after a whirlwind holiday in Central America, Be was facing no less than four flights, 30-plus hours of travel, and way too many germ-infested security lines to get home.

Checking out American Airlines’ flagship lounge at LAX. Photo: Be

To be honest, we would have cried happy tears for even an extra blanket on our monster 15-hour leg back from Los Angeles to Sydney. So when American Airlines offered up the chance to check out their flagship lounge in LAX, and fly like a celeb on the way home in business class, let’s just say there may have been actual tears shed at the prospect of a shower and sleep on the way home.

Arriving in Los Angeles after almost a full day of travelling in northern hemisphere sweaty summer, there were some pressing concerns. Namely eating something that didn’t come from the processed food family, and finding somewhere to scrub off the travel filth.

Luckily American Airlines’ Admirals Club was the perfect place to tend to both those needs. With a fully stocked buffet including everything from fried chicken, fluffy gnocchi, grilled vegetables, an epic cheese platter and even a DIY fried rice station, it was only fair that we try a little of everything.

Is there anything more exciting after a day of travelling than a buffet table? Photo: Be

Replenished, it was time to get refreshed, so it was off to the front desk to grab a key for a shower room. Opening the door, it was like grooming heaven with a shower on par to anything you’d find in a five-star hotel, complete with fluffy white towels. Much time was spent here.

Being able to shower before a 15-hour flight? Every travellers dream come true. Photo: Be

It was almost a disappointment when the flight was announced over the PA, but priority boarding and a business class seat awaited.

The luxuries began almost immediately, with the air hostess handing out a pair of the airline’s signature Casper pyjamas and adorable white slippers, closely followed by a glass of Champagne.

The cutest little sleeping pack we ever did see. Photo: Be

Needless to say, the pjyamas shamelessly came on, as did the complimentary Bose headphones as we settled in for the long flight home.

Despite the rookie error of stuffing ourselves silly in the lounge, stomach space was made for a delicious roast duck Penang curry (promising ourselves each bite would be the last as we scoffed the whole lot), before deciding to turn in for the night.

Look at all that fresh delicious greenery… Photo: Be

Not only does American Airlines business class come with seats that completely recline to flat beds, you also get a padded mattress to slip onto said bed, along with a fluffy quilt and soft pillow. Literally what dreams are made of.

Seats fully recline to flat, and come with a mattress topper to make them extra comfy. Photo: Be

After clocking in an impressive eight hours of sleep on the way home (sadly, we were unconscious when the mid-flight snack of Wagyu beef sliders came around), arriving at Sydney airport feeling rested and semi-human and not a bleary-eyed zombie like we usually do after a long-haul flight was a revelation.

Anyone who has ever been on a long-haul flight knows catching some shut eye makes a huge difference when you arrive. Photo: Be

While we might not have the funds to travel business class all the time – a ticket normally costs around $10,000 – this was definitely an eye-opener.

It might cost some very serious cash, but for those very special occasions – or if you have the frequent flyer points to put towards the cause – the entire experience of business is definitely a bucket list item worth trying to tick off.

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