The truth behind going vegan

Matthew Kelly
Social Media Producer

Beyonce’s decision to go vegan to ‘get in shape’ for her Coachella performance had the world a little shook.

Firstly, Bey’s body is already perfection, and secondly, how the hell did the Queen of life consume enough vegan protein to have the energy to pull off that ‘Single Ladies’ dance routine?

As a massive health guru and proud member of the #Beyhive AKA Queen Bey’s fan club/cult, I needed to see what all the fuss was about.

So I signed up to vegan cleanse ‘Eat Fit Food’, which sends you three days worth of detox meals for $150.

Beyonce owning the dance floor. Photo: Getty

Note: My normal diet is far from average. Fitness and clean eating is my life, I work out twice a day – got to stay lean to keep the boys keen – and usually stick to steamed chicken or fish, veggies, and brown rice. Sunday is when I treat myself  #cheeseislife. So, my experience with this cleanse will be different to that of a less-enthused health nut.

My first vegan experience was breakfast, where I got sent a slice of gluten-free toast with tomato and avocado salsa. Delicious. Immediately I felt so clean and green.

However, within 30 minutes, I was hangry. 

Between snapping at my mother (sorry mum, love ya guts) and barely doing anything at work – I legit just stared at memes for hours, it wasn’t the best time.

The rainbow salad was my favourite menu item, seriously mouth watering.  Photo: Supplied

When lunch finally came, I destroyed a tofu and bean rainbow salad. This was so heavenly, I enjoyed every mouthful. I immediately felt my energy levels rise. For my snack, I indulged in some hummus and crackers – cannot believe something so tasty is a part of a cleanse.

I had so much energy in the afternoon, I had major ‘Buddy the Elf’ feels. Photo: Giphy

My afternoon was much more productive, I honestly felt like I did triple the amount of work. I felt like I was Buddy the Elf when he full on did a revamp of the department store in a night. I even did an F45 class.

When it came to dinner, I had a tofu sushi bowl – which I devoured in 22 seconds. I didn’t even have enough time to take an Instagram snap. Going to bed I was content, I wasn’t hungry or bloated, I was feeling really good about myself.

Going into the second and third day, I experienced one of the health benefits of going vegan… a super-fast metabolism. There was even a moment I had to run out of a meeting to release my bowels #TMI.

The Eat Fit Food vegan cleanse has a boatload of menu options. #winning Photo: Supplied

Other menu items that appear on the cleanse included babaganoush, bean-based shepherd’s pie, green smoothie, falafel with buckwheat tabouli, and there’s even a vegan take on Coco Pops #winning.

After doing the cleanse, I had a little more room in my skinny jeans and my chin acne had cleared up, but I was seriously missing coffee and cheese, and was sometimes left hungry after gobbling up the small portions.

Surprisingly, I had more energy that I thought I would after such tiny meals, but to be fair, I also didn’t have to waste time and energy thinking of what to eat, hitting the grocery shops, cooking and cleaning up.

Beyonce deserves a medal for committing herself to 44 days of #veganlife. Photo: Getty

Beyoncé did #veganlife for 44 days before Coachella to get #fitspo.

I honestly don’t know how Queen Bey did this, I could commit myself to being a three-day vegan, but not much more – I’m too addicted to camembert.

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