Trump Is Reportedly Telling People He’s ‘More Popular’ Than Taylor Swift

Russell Cheyne/Reuters
Russell Cheyne/Reuters

In a new report, sources close to Donald Trump told Rolling Stone that the 2024 presidential candidate, whose fragile ego is the stuff of legend, is insisting to confidantes that he’s “more popular” than pop mega-star Taylor Swift, and that he has more fans than she does. Trump, the report states, was also affronted that he was not named Time Person of the Year in 2023—an honor that went to Swift—and has said to intimates that it “obviously” makes no sense that the magazine did not pick him. Key players in the Trumpsphere, Rolling Stone says, are also conspiring to wage a “holy war” on the massively influential Midnights songwriter that will be particularly hardcore if, as prominent conservatives deeply fear, Swift decides to hitch her wagon to the Biden re-election campaign.

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