Trump is now angry about Jimmy Fallon messing up his hair two years ago

Tanya Edwards

Amid a torrent of tweets about immigration, President Trump on Sunday slipped in an oddly timed dig at Jimmy Fallon, suggesting that the Tonight Show host regretted Trump’s appearance on the show in 2016 and instructing Fallon to “Be a man!”

Though it’s not clear, the mention of “whimpering” in his tweet implies that Trump heard — or heard about — a recent Hollywood Reporter podcast in which Fallon expressed regret about the appearance, during which he playfully messed up Trump’s hair.

In fact, he began crying when speaking about the backlash.

Trump apparently isn’t happy about the 2016 hair incident with Jimmy Fallon. Source: Getty

“I did not do it to ‘normalise’ [Trump] or to say I believe in his political beliefs or any of that stuff,” Fallon said.

“It was definitely a down time,” he said. “I’m depressed. … What do you want me to do?… What would make you happy?” He insisted that “looking back, I would do it differently.”

Donald Trump and Jimmy Fallon. Source: Getty

This isn’t the first time Fallon has expressed regret about his actions.  In a previous interview with the New York Times, Fallon said, “I didn’t do it to humanise him. I almost did it to minimise him. I didn’t think that would be a compliment: ‘He did the thing that we all wanted to do.’”

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