Truck’s dash cam captures shocking lane change fail

Team Be

A shocking dash cam video has shown exactly why you always have to check your blind spot.

The footage, which was filmed on the Pacific Highway in Queensland and shared on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, sees a car career off the road after a failed lane change.

Filmed from a truck that was driving in middle of three lanes, it shows a car on the right indicate to change lanes but fail to check if it was clear to do so.

The white car tries to change lanes but doesn't see the truck. Photo: Facebook/ash Cam Owners Australia

It merges blindly and clips the front of the truck before spinning off onto some grass.

The person who uploaded the footage says that everyone involved was ok, but the video sparked a heated debate over who was to blame for the incident.

The car was clearly in the wrong for moving across without checking it was safe to do so, but commenters argued that the truck was also at fault for “speeding up” when the car started to indicate.

Some people think the truck is equally to blame for the accident. Photo: Facebook/ash Cam Owners Australia

“Truck is just as much to blame as the car,” one person said.

“He increased speed when he suspected the car was going to try and change lanes. A professional driver needs to drive offensively not aggressively, simple as that.”

“Not saying the truck caused it because he didn't… but in my opinion this could have been avoided,” another person wrote.