Troy Aikman says he got calls from Fox bosses after steamrolling coworker Doug Gottlieb on Twitter

Jack Baer

Troy Aikman is the proud owner of one of the year’s most incredible tweets after shredding Doug Gottlieb’s very bad reaction to Andrew Luck’s retirement.

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The only problem: The tweet was friendly fire as far as Aikman’s bosses at Fox are concerned.

Fox execs gave Aikman a call after Gottlieb tweet

Here’s a quick refresher on Aikman’s online evisceration of Gottlieb.

Luck retired from the NFL at the age of 29 after years of physical and mental struggles. People had bad opinions about the retirement. Gottlieb had one of the worst opinions. Aikman took that opinion and gave it the treatment it deserved:

Screen shot of Troy Aikman's tweet blasting Doug Gottlieb

One of the more eyebrow-raising aspects of that tweet, which is thankfully still up, is that Aikman, a commentator for Fox Sports, was going after a Fox coworker in Gottlieb and one of his own company’s channels in Fox Sports 1. That obviously meant Aikman could have seen professional repercussions.

Judging by his comments during an appearance on the “Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina,” however, those repercussions only amounted to a mild scolding.

“I received a couple phone calls, yes, from some of my bosses,” Aikman said. “I have great bosses and they were great in how they handled it, not because they handled it the way I wanted them to handle it. I think they were very direct with me and honest and I've always respected those kinds of people.

“They respected the fact that I was honest. They did not like that I would say something about the company. I understand that and I appreciate the way that they discussed it with me. The tweet’s still up.”

How Aikman’s ‘Total bulls--- Doug’ tweet came to be

Aikman was also kind enough to shed some light on how the magical tweet came to be. The beginning of the saga: Aikman being bored in a hotel room.

“I was out of town and I was in my hotel room,” Aikman said. “I was bored and just thought I’d get on there and see what was happening on Twitter. I had some replies, and usually I only get those when people are screaming about my broadcasting after a game. I hadn’t called a game in a while so I didn’t know what’s going on.

“What happened was Doug had sent out his tweet and some people then copied me on it when they were replying because they were saying all the pain I had dealt with when I was playing in my career and I hung in there. So I was thinking ‘What was said?’ So then I went and saw what Doug had said and it just really struck a nerve with me, I guess for several reasons. I know Andrew Luck, I’ve covered him, the guy loves the game of football. He’s a terrific guy.”

Aikman later said he wasn’t trying to launch a personal attack on Gottlieb, noting he had appeared on Gottlieb’s show several times (we’ll see if that changes going forward). He also delivered some unfortunate news for those hoping the tweet from Aikman was a sign of things to come:

“I think it’s safe to say you won’t be seeing that kind of tweet again.”

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