The world's first range of reversible wedding dresses has dropped

A wedding dress designer has created a range of reversible wedding dresses [Photo: Trish Peng]

Picking a wedding dress is one of the trickiest decision a bride will have to make.

From lace to satin, fishtail to full skirt, with so many styles and materials to choose from narrowing it down to just one frock is pretty darned difficult, particularly if you’re on the indecisive side.

But now brides-to-be can achieve two different wedding day looks in one dress thanks to a designer who has created a collection of reversible wedding dresses.

New Zealand based Trish Peng has created a collection of reversible wedding gowns that feature single-coloured fabric on one side and a delicate lace pattern on the other. 

There are 11 styles for brides to choose from and the designs include details such as plunging backs, flowing trains and sweetheart necklines.

The cleverly designed dresses offers soon-to-be-brides the option of waiting until the big day to decide on the chosen look, or switching up her frock between the ceremony and the reception.

The designs feature a lacey detailed design on one side and a more simple design on the other [Photo: Trish Peng]

The idea for the collection came following a conversation with one client who found herself unable to decide between a lace or a minimalist design.

Though the collection is thought to be the first reversible wedding dress range in the world, creating it didn’t come without some hurdles.

The biggest being the zipper which allows the dresses to reverse. The only zip Peng could find was a clunky one usually added to a sleeping bag, which wouldn’t work for a delicate wedding dress.

To sort the issue, the designer came up with the idea of hand stitching two zips on each side of the gown.

The gowns feature some beautiful design details [Photo: Trish Peng]

Peng debuted the collection at New York Bridal Fashion Week earlier this month.

It isn’t the first time the bridal designer has caused a stir within the industry. Back in 2016, she broke the record for longest train to ever appear on a catwalk. 

The elaborate red custom gown had a record-breaking 66-foot silk tulle train and was made using vintage Christian Dior lace flown in from France, which was embellished with hundreds of Swarovski crystals.

Words by Marie Claire Dorking

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