Have you tried this weird, risky new way to orgasm?

Kristine Tarbert
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If you’ve ever been absolutely busting to go to the toilet, you know how amazing it feels when you finally, finally make it to the loo. But apparently women are sometimes experiencing much more than a sense of relief.

Introducing the ‘Pee-gasm’ – or the sensation similar to having an orgasm when you release an extremely full bladder.

The trend was a hot topic on Reddit this week, when a guy posted about his girlfriend trying to give herself regular pee-gasms.

“So my girlfriend recently told me if she’s had to hold her pee in for a while, when she actually goes to pee, she often has orgasms that she feels all the way up her spine to her head,” he wrote on a Reddit thread.

Pee-gasms are the weird new way women are trying to have an orgasm. Photo: Getty

“If she does ‘reverse kegels’ while peeing, they’re even more likely to happen. She said these orgasms sometimes leave her lightheaded and off balance, and are pretty different from her clit or vaginal orgasms.”

Others quickly admitted they had also experienced such a feeling, prompting warnings from experts that it isn’t a trend good for your health.

How does a Pee-gasm work

“Women’s urethras do not close off when we orgasm. Men’s do when they ejaculate,” Womanizer Sex and Relationships expert Pamela Supple tells Be.

“A woman’s urethral opening is close to the clitoris and the vulva protects the urethral opening – biologically women’s genitalia are closely entwined. That’s why a lot of women empty their bladders before having sexual stimulation leading to orgasms, so they don’t pee when they experience orgasms.”

Pee-gasms are not associated with sexual arousal, they are primarily a non-sexual act of releasing your bladder, Pamela explains.

“Having said this, some women are reporting the experience, sensation, or pressure of release when they pee with an extremely full bladder is akin to an orgasm,” she tells us.

Not the best idea

Pamela warns that pee-gasms are not a practice she would recommend.

“Frequently holding onto your pee for overly long periods of time can weaken the bladder, cause kidney disease, bladder infections and urinary tract infections,” Pamela says.

“Not at all very pleasant and definitely not good for your bladder health.”

And medial professionals agree that the pee-gasm trend could actually cause bladder damage.

“Bladders need to be treated with respect. It’s important to go when you need to go, not when you’re busting,” Dr Charlotte Elder, gynaecologist and spokesperson for The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, told Whimn.

She warns that a bladder injury can take years to recover from. In some cases the damage is irreparable.

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