We Tried 14 Vegan Cheeses And Ranked Them Just For You

Amy Packham
·2-min read
Cheeseboard featuring I Am Nut OK's PapaRica and VioLife epic mature cheddar.
Cheeseboard featuring I Am Nut OK's PapaRica and VioLife epic mature cheddar.

A few years ago, heads would have turned at the very idea of ‘vegan cheese’ – but not anymore. There are so many options for those on a plant-based diet – with vegan takes on hard cheese, soft cheese, spreadables and everything in between.

So, what happens when a load of real cheese fans sample the vegan varieties we can get our mitts on? The HuffPost UK Life team are up for this taste-test. Before we start, our head of news – who is actually vegan – cautions us that (at least in his experience) vegan cheese tends either to look, taste or melt like the real deal, but rarely achieves the holy trinity.

Are the vegan cheeses below enough to persuade a bunch of dairy lovers to make the swap? The results are in – from worst to best.


Nurishh Plant-Based Camembert Alternative

Price: £3.50 for 140g

Rating: -2/5

Reviewed by: Angela Hui

“Yes, that is a minus you see in my rating. I find with most vegan cheese, so much effort is put into making it look like cheese, they easily forget the all important flavour. I only manage a small nibble of this admittedly convincing-looking ‘camembert’ and it’s like biting into a very soft soap bar. Not only does it taste like a Lush shop, there’s an overwhelming coconut oil flavour followed by a stinky sock taste. Visually, it may look the real deal, but it’s failed in tasting remotely like cheese. I really don’t want to waste it. Perhaps I should give to some of my vegan pals to try. But I don’t think I can inflict it on them.”

M&S Plant Kitchen Mature Style, Block and Sliced

Price: £2.25 for 200g

Rating: 1/5

Reviewed by: Adam Bloodworth

“There’s really brilliant vegan cheese out there, I’ve had it, but this is not it. The flavour of this cheddar-like substitute, made with 21% coconut oil (the second ingredient listed behind water), is really jarring and not...

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