Tricky panda puzzle confusing the internet

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Because it’s Monday and we all need help getting our brains back into gear for the week, here’s a tricky brainteaser that is confusing people everywhere.

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, also known as Dudolf, came up with a World Cup-themed doodle to celebrate the tournament ending at the weekend.

The idea is simple: ‘Find the football among the pandas’.

Can you spot the football? Photo:

Of course, given that people all around the world have a different interpretation of what a ‘football’ is, the puzzle has been causing some confusion.

In Australia, football could mean rugby league or AFL, meaning we would be looking for a white or red oval shaped ball.

In the US, football is gridiron, leaving them searching for a brown oval-shaped ball.

None of which are in the image above. The cue comes from the colour of the pandas. Revealing that we are looking for a round soccer ball in the image.

Now can you find it?

It’s a soccer ball. Photo:

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