Travis Kelce reveals the two people who helped him woo Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce reveals the two people who helped him woo Taylor Swift

Apparently, the real matchmakers are well-versed in sports and love, according to Travis Kelce.

The 33-year-old Kansas City Chiefs has more than luck to thank for his newfound rumoured romance with Taylor Swift. His recent comment on Instagram acknowledged two women who he deemed responsible for convincing the Grammy winner to give him a chance.

After the professional athlete admitted he’d tried but failed to give the “Enchanted” singer his phone number on a friendship bracelet at her concert in early July, Fox sports commentators Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson played cupid.

Andrews and Thompson begged the famed vocalist to give Kelce a chance, claiming she wouldn’t regret going for it with him. On the 3 August episode for their eponymous podcast Calm Down with Erin and Charissa, Andrews said: “Taylor, I don’t know what you’re doing in your life right now besides rocking the world.”

“Please, try our friend Travis. He is fantastic. I know we’re not the best of friends, we’re not even friends, but I consider you one. Take us up on this. Go on a date with this guy,” she continued.

“Do it for yourself, do it for us,” Thompson agreed. “And do it for the people. Because there is no one who would give you a better time than this guy.”

Now, with Swift attending two back-to-back Sunday Chiefs games – one home and one away – the two journalists are patting themselves on the back, and so is Kelce.

Thompson took to Instagram on 2 October to post the clip of their podcast conversation from two months ago. “Just saying … @erinandrews & I recorded this episode back on August 3rd,” her caption read.

Kelce acknowledged their influence with a comment on her post. “You two are something else!! I owe you big time,” he remarked.

An obsessed audience added their gratitude in the comments section too. “Thank you for manifesting this. Really hope they can work out,” one fan wrote.

“This was my first thought last week!!! The calm down ladies called it! Manifesting 101,” another wrote.

One thankful listener said: “Totally called it!! I’m here for it, and you guys are amazing!”

The “Anti-Hero” creator not only travelled to Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium to watch her supposed boyfriend defeat the Chicago Bears but spent time in New Jersey this past Sunday to watch Kelce play against the New York Jets.

Swift sat and cheered alongside her entourage – Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Sophie Turner – as well as Kelce’s mom Donna.