Travis Kelce Revealed the Surprising Album That Made Him a Taylor Swift Fan

He started listening to her music in high school.

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It's no surprise that Travis Kelce is a Swiftie, but the football star revealed that he's actually been a fan of Taylor Swift since way back. And if his recent surprise cameo on stage with his girlfriend is any proof, manifestation works. During an appearance on the Bussin' With the Boys podcast, Kelce revealed which Swift album initially made him a fan of the superstar.

"I really started listening to Taylor’s music when she came out with 1989," Kelce shared when asked to reveal is top three favorite T.Swift songs. "I knew who she was before that. We’re the same age, so through high school and everything, I knew who Taylor was, and she was getting her career started."

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Swift dropped the hit album, named for her birth year, in 2014. The Grammy-winning piece of work, which she has since re-recorded in her effort to own the rights to all of her music, featured some of her most popular songs, like "Bad Blood," "Style," "Wildest Dreams," and "Blank Space," which Kelce said is his favorite Swift song of all time.

"But I think 1989 was where I really started to go crazy," he continued. "So, I’m going to say 'Blank Space,' because that was the first one. So, I’m gonna put that one as no. 1."

His second-favorite tune is the earworm off of her Lover album. The track dominated pop radio last year after she finally released the fan-favorite as a single.

"'Cruel Summer' is one of the ones she opens with at her show, and when she comes out, it’s just fucking electric in the stadium and she goes into an absolute banger like that. I was fired up when that happened at the first show that I was ever at," he gushed, referring to his now-infamous appearance at her concert last summer in Kansas City.

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His third-favorite song is slightly more predictable, because it's highly rumored (and practically confirmed) to be about him.

"I’ll say 'So High School.' It’s got a little bit of a sentimental meaning, I guess," he said.

When hosts Will Compton and Taylor Lewan teased him that he picked it because he "makes an appearance" in the song, Kelce laughed before reciting one of the song's lyrics, "You know how to ball, I know Aristotle."

Elsewhere in the podcast, Kelce revealed the wholesome reason he fell for Swift.

"She's very self-aware. And I think that's why I really started to really fall for her, was how genuine she is around friends [and] family," he shared. "It can get crazy for somebody with that much attention and she just keeps it so chill and so cool."

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