Travis Kelce flames Dee Ford, channels brother Jason in rowdy Super Bowl parade speech

We all expected Travis Kelce to come up big with his Super Bowl celebration.

He is, after all, carrying the Rob Gronkowski tight end torch. He’s also the brother of famed Super Bowl reveler Jason Kelce.

So far, so good.

He kicked things off on Tuesday by coronating the “Lombardi luge.” This entails pouring beer onto the Lombardi Trophy and subsequently into his mouth.

Kelce turns up the party

He stepped up his game on Wednesday during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade. Shenanigans included carrying around a championship belt and letting Patrick Mahomes pour beer on him from atop a double-decker party bus.

Travis Kelce showed no love for former teammate Dee Ford during Wednesday's Super Bowl celebration. (Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images)

But he really shone when given the mic. He donned the wrestling belt while doing his best Ric Flair impersonation and screaming about unleashing “whoop-ass” on Kansas City’s vanquished opponents.

There were many woos alongside the clear influence of the party that preceded his speech. And there was a not-so-subtle callout of former Chiefs defensive end Dee Ford, whose offside penalty in the preceding season’s AFC championship loss to the New England Patriots cost Kansas City a shot at the Super Bowl.

Sorry, Dee Ford

While giving shoutouts to his teammates, Kelce included the Ford diss when he introduced his replacement Frank Clark.

“How about my dog, 5-5 and he ain’t offsides, mother f-----g Frank Clark?” (2:11, above)

Clark, of course, wears 55. And he didn’t commit a penalty that cost the Chiefs a playoff win.

The speech was rowdy and rambunctious. It might not live up to the standard that his brother set in 2018 when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.

But Jason is surely proud, regardless.

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