Travellers reveal the worst things they've ever found in hotel rooms

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor
Couple in bathrobes enjoying breakfast in bed in luxury hotel, enjoying romantic weekend

For many travellers, one of the best parts of going on holiday is staying in plush hotel rooms where the bathtub is bigger than you kitchen and nobody judges you for munching on food in bed.

But not everyone’s hotel experiences are that fancy, as a quora thread has revealed many travellers end up wishing they’d downloaded Airbnb instead.

In a thread titled: What is the nastiest experience you have had in a hotel room?’, people laid all their awful stories on the line.

One person commented saying there were four people staying in their hotel room and staff only put two towels in the bathroom.

“They were looking stinky to me since I found there were yellow stains on both of them. Did they clean them or not, I could not help wondering,” the commenter said.

Another person relayed their own horror hotel story, saying they were settling in for the night, when they decided to kick off their shoes and then noticed a condom wrapper on the floor.

Chambermaids making bed in hotel room

“Don’t know what made me open the nightstand drawer and guess what? Inside I found a large blue vibrator, the high priced variety, (not that I know the cost of a vibrator ).,” they continued.

“Also in the drawer were at least a dozen empty condom wrappers, a penis ring, and a small vibrator”.

One person simply commented saying: ‘mice and bed bugs’, obviously too traumatised to elaborate on their experience.

And perhaps the most disturbing story came from a man who said his brother was staying in a hotel room when he noticed something off on the wall.

“He got up close to it, and saw it was a small hole. He looked through the hole and saw a man lumbering up to peer into it. Someone on the hotel staff had made a hole in the wall in order to spy on people staying in the rooms,” he said.

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