The surprising reasons you might be stopped at airport security

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Airport security is always stressful. Photo: Getty

Going through airport is possibly one of the most stressful parts of catching a flight, because even though you have absolutely nothing to be worried about, the whole situation makes many people nervous.

Have I emptied my water bottle? Is there anything in my pockets? Did I take the hair spray out of my bag?

And now it seems we need to be even more careful about how we act while going through security, because there are some very surprising - and totally normal - things agents are taught to keep and eye out for.

Whistling, blinking, or yawning too much are just some of the simple things on the 92-point checklist known as the Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques for the US Transport Security Administration.

Many people are waiting in line at a security screening prior to boarding a flight. Photo: Getty

The list, which was leaked online on 2015, The Sun reports, also says throat clearing was another nervous habit that could see a person get questions by staff.

“Looking for suspicious behaviour is a commonsense approach used by law enforcement and security personnel across the country and the world, that focuses on those behavioural indicators, rather than items,” a TSA spokesperson explained to ABC at the time.

If you’re gazing down too often, or recently shaved your beard that could be another red flag, as well as “wearing improper attire for location”.

However, if you’re a nervous cougher, or tend to avoid making eye contact when going through the metal detector, you’re not going to immediately land yourself in an interrogation room.

The guidelines revealed that no “single” behaviour would actually result in additional screening, but rather a a combination of them.

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