Share With Me Your Travel Nightmare Story

Summer travel is in full swing and while I love any excuse to pack a suitcase, the actual act of traveling gives me anxiety.

I'm talking about the ride to the airport, the entire airport experience, and then landing, hoping and praying your luggage made it safe and sound to your destination with you. Unfortunately, travel nightmares always seem to happen from time to time to humble us.

An airport security checkpoint tray holding a laptop, wallet, belt, phone, charger, and earphones on a conveyor belt
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So I'm turning to the people of the BuzzFeed Community to ask: what is your worst travel nightmare?

I'll go first: while coming back from a recent trip to Key West, Florida my flight home got delayed 24 hours due to issues with the plane's engine. It was wild and tbh, I don't want to see the inside of an airport anytime soon until I fully recover.

Luggage in an open airport terminal with an airplane taking off in the background. No people in the scene
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Maybe you were traveling abroad and your luggage went to a completely different country and it took DAYS for you to get it back.

Luggage carousel with multiple suitcases in an airport, including red, gray, and brown bags. People in the background are waiting for their bags
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Perhaps while traveling, you got injured and had to spend your entire vacation in the hospital.

Hospital ward with an empty, modern setup. Multiple medical beds are lined up with privacy curtains in a clean, organized environment
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Whatever your nightmare travel story is, I want to hear more about it (so I feel less alone)! Share it with me in this anonymous form or in the comments below: