This viral travel hack is breaking the internet

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An ingenious travel hack has gone viral for all the right reasons, ushering a new era of hotel comfort and banishing the dreaded sunrise crack of light for good.

If you’ve ever stayed in any hotel anywhere in the world, chances are you’ve been woken up at some point by a sliver of infuriating morning light peeking through the curtains that no amount of yanking, adjusting or crying will solve.

It turns out, a solution has been hiding in plain sight all along.

Shared by Twitter user Rick Klau, and genius in its simplicity, the hack involves using the hotel clothes hanger to peg the curtains together, thus sealing the darkness and banishing the morning until you decide to acknowledge it.

A snap of the idea wowed users online, attracting just shy of 400k likes, and over 80k comments.

The future of travel is here, and it's DIY. Photo: Twitter/rklau

Best of all, many users decided to chime in with their own hotel hacks, and the result is a goldmine of insider knowledge that you probably didn’t know you needed to know.

As Elon Musk, the most high profile participant in the thread, kind summed up, “Great list of hotel hacks in this thread!”.

Aren’t they just, Elon?

Here are the best of them.

Aircon control activated

For the dry and scaly among us, a hotel room can spell a den of flaky skin and a guaranteed dry mouth in the morning.

As several people pointed out, however, a simple DIY trick can change everything.

“Soak a towel. Wring it a little tight so it’s not pouring off the towel. Hang it over the ironing board in front of the vent/heater. No more dry hotel room,” the bearer of good news revealed.

Others may struggle with the never-ending blast of cool or warm air emanating from the vent.

No more, with this ingenious solution.

“And put the chair back in front of the A/C to stop it blowing directly on you,” one helpful person shared.

Keeping the lights on

This one may have you facepalming harder than you knew possible.

We’ve all had that moment when you despaired of ever charging your phone while out and about, because of the pesky need to keep your room key in the slot to keep the room’s power running.

Turns out, you never needed your room key in the first place.

“My hotel hack is that you can literally put any card in the slot that turns on the electricity, so you can leave the room with your device charging inside,” the genius wrote.

Another shared the same hack and even included a helpful visual.

A helpful visual of what the future looks like. Photo: Twitter

A dirty little secret

There is nothing worse than mixing your clean and dirty clothes up while on the road, and having to wash the whole lot to be safe.

To avoid this, several helpful users on the thread suggested an astoundingly obvious solution.

“My hack is to use the bag hanging in the closet (that is there for dry cleaning) for dirty clothes or anything that might be wet or leak when packing to leave,” one of the suggestions read.

Life hacks go wild

From there the thread just began sharing really helpful life hacks.

One of the best will help out anyone who finds themselves stranded in the rain without an umbrella.

“If it starts raining while you’re out shopping, nip into a shop and ask if your wife left her brolly (umbrella) in there some time ago and you’re not sure of the colour.” one genius man suggested. “They’ll have a few in the back, just pick the best.”

The same rule apparently applies to phone chargers at the hotel desk.

With the like count growing, and the hacks still coming it looks like this may be the Twitter thread that finally solves all the world’s problem.

Until then, we leave you with this mind-blowing solution if ever you find yourself in need of an iPad stand.

One traveller's answer to sore arms, and a strained neck. Photo: Twitter/Caligul74126875

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