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Amazon's most popular wallet is on sale for $30: 'Less bulky than my bi-fold'

Time for a new wallet? Some of us have a tendency to hold on to our tried-and-true (read: frayed and filthy) wallets for waaay longer than we should. At the same time, we love to gripe about having to carry around a bulky one. If you fall into either of these categories, or know someone who does, we've got some great news: Amazon's No. 1 bestselling Travando Men's Slim Wallet is on sale right now for a mere $30.


Travando Men's Slim Wallet with Money Clip

$30$35Save $5
This wallet is compact yet spacious, with 11 slots to hold all your most important credit, debit and business cards. All that, and a money clip and anti-theft RIFD protection.
$30 at Amazon

There are so many reasons to pick up this wallet. For starters, it has more than 71,000 five-star fans. How many other wallets have bragging rights like that? On top of the great reviews, it's loaded with great features that make it worth your money.

three wallets
Sleek, stylish and safe. (Photo: Amazon)


It features an RFID-protected lining to keep your credit cards free from from being scanned by criminals. A bifold closure lets the user easily get in and out.

"Got this to slim down my old bi-fold before taking a trip and for RFID protection," a pleasantly surprised shopper wrote. "I found that I could get all the really important cards into this wallet and it proved quite functional on my trip and is definitely less bulky than my bi-fold."

Spend just $24 on this now and you'll be as organized as ever later. (Photo: Amazon)

Slim and roomy

The wallet features 11 slots, so it's roomy enough to hold credit and debit cards, business cards, an ID and more. There's even an outside notch to push the cards out easily. It's slim and compact (4.5 x 3.1 x 0.6 inches), so Dad can slip it in his back or front pocket — a definite perk, according to reviewers.

"Love this wallet," one happy user wrote. "Probably my favorite one I've ever owned. I've always kept my wallet in my front pocket since I lost one from my back pocket when I was younger. So, it's definitely a bonus having a slim front pocket wallet that holds everything I need."

Money clip

Got someone in your life who likes to carry plenty of cash? As one fan put it. "My favorite thing is the money clip inside," they said. "Everything has a nice snug fit, which assures me nothing with fall or slide out."

wallet on a white background
Gorgeous in gray: There are a dozen other colors choices too. (Photo: Amazon)

A practical gift

One of the biggest reasons Amazon shoppers love this wallet is because it's practical — a universal selling point.

"I was using a pelican case wallet when I was in the Army but now I need something more practical and useful for everyday," wrote one satisfied shopper. "I wanted something that was easy and functional. I played with [the wallet] quite a bit after putting all my cards inside, and now I will be able to access the stuff I need without having to pull out a stack of cards from my wallet."

Another fellow fan called the Travando "the best wallet I've purchased," writing, "this is easily the most practical wallet I've ever purchased. And the build quality was far better than I was expecting for the price.... I'd give this an extra star if I could."


Travando Mens Slim Wallet with Money Clip

$30$35Save $5
Sleek and slim in faux leather, choose from 14 different colors for this super popular wallet.
$30 at Amazon

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