Trader Joe's New, Limited-Time Thanksgiving Popcorn Is Made For Stuffing Lovers

seasoned popcorn
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Leave it up to Trader Joe's to squeeze the flavors of a holiday like Thanksgiving into unexpected places. The popular grocery store is already a cornucopia of fall treats, with items like pumpkin-flavored Fall Harvest Salsa and Butternut Squash Mac And Cheese making creative use of familiar ingredients. In the past however, Trader Joe's Thanksgiving items have skewed decidedly traditional, with a focus on convenience items like turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, and roasted vegetable medleys, and only a few more unusual offerings like Turkey Sausage Stuffing Fried Rice. The big exception is the Thanksgiving Stuffing Seasoned Kettle Chips, a fan-favorite snack that combines holiday seasonings like celery, sage, and thyme with a subtle gravy flavor. Well, Trader Joe's may have finally realized what a winner it has on its hands with the stuffing seasoning because its newest product combines it with popcorn.

Recently revealed on Trader Joe's website, Thanksgiving Stuffing Seasoned Popcorn is pushing the stuffing seasoning farther than ever before. The new popcorn adds black pepper and parsley to the seasoning mix for a savory snack that can hopefully hold you over until Thanksgiving dinner. The product is labeled as a limited-time offering, and while some fan accounts have spotted it in the wild, it's not yet clear when it will be widely available in stores. So if you want to get a taste of this popcorn you better keep an eye out on your next TJs run.

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The Perfect Thanksgiving Snack

Trader Joe's stuffing seasoned popcorn
Trader Joe's stuffing seasoned popcorn - Trader Joe's

The Thanksgiving Stuffing Seasoned Popcorn comes in an ample five-ounce bag and retails for $2.99, making it a great addition to a snack or appetizer table filled with treats from Trader Joe's Thanksgiving lineup. Beyond eating it by itself, the company also recommends mixing it with cranberries and candied pecans for a sweet and salty snack mix. For a more savory variation, it would undoubtedly work with some pretzels and nuts tossed with TJ's other stuffing-flavored product, the Everything but the Leftovers seasoning mix.

And if the stuffing chips of the past are any guide, the Thanksgiving Stuffing Seasoned Popcorn should also lend itself to some creative uses beyond a snack. As anyone who makes a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich knows, stuffing's rich flavor easily compliments tons of other food. Crumbling it over dishes can add a nice little crunch along with the meaty flavor, and it would work great as a crouton substitute in soups. Given how short the window will likely be to enjoy them, you'll want to find every way possible to enjoy Trader Joe's latest treat.

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