Trader Joe's New Editor-Approved Treat Costs Only 35 Cents a ‘Pop’

But make sure you know this TikTok-viral hack before you try it.

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

For such a simple dessert, ice pops cause a lot of controversy. Fans of the treat debate whether they should be called freezer pops, freezies, or, as they are called in Australia, zooper doopers. Videos on how to best freeze the treats pop up all the time on social media and their comment sections fill with heated discourse on which flavor freeze pop is the best. (The only correct answer here, of course, is pink.)

But what is not debated is that these nostalgic treats are a delicious and cheap way to cool off on a hot summer day. And now, Trader Joe’s has decided to release its own spin on the classic dessert.

Trader Joe's Introduces Organic Freezer Pops

Trader Joe’s just released a pack of Organic Freezer Pops with three flavors: Cherry Limeade, Berry, and Orange. Each pop is organic and made with 100 percent fruit juice. What's more, they're Allrecipes editor-approved. Digital editor Corey Williams ruled that the Cherry Limeade is her favorite flavor and said, “They would be perfect for the beach because they're covered in plastic, so you are unlikely to get sand in them.”

The treat does not sacrifice quality for price and convenience. A bag of ten popsicles costs only $3.50, which means each pop costs only 35 cents a piece. The recommended serving size is four, which, at such a low price, means I'll have a pop in each hand all summer long.

<p>Trader Joe's</p>

Trader Joe's

Like other freezer pops, they are sold unfrozen. To store them, Trader Joe’s recommends shaking each popsicle to mix any separated juices and then placing them in the freezer overnight. It's that simple, though there are some TikTok-viral hacks you should know about if you plan to buy them.

The Ice Pop Hack You Need to Know

While this treat isn’t particularly difficult to prepare, any ice pop fan will know the worst part of enjoying one is trying to open one without scissors.

Thankfully, there is a special hack to open a freeze pop in a dire situation. TikTok user @shelbbrazzell went viral for sharing a trick for popping one open. The hack is to use one swift, confident motion to split the pop in half.

Many viewers were shocked that they hadn't figured the hack out sooner. “So me cutting my mouth open multiple times in my childhood to tear these open was not needed?” one user commented.

Experienced ice pop openers recommend making sure the pop is as frozen as possible for the cleanest open. They also note that one fast, confident motion is needed to ensure the ice pop snaps in half rather than simply getting crushed.

A Bonus Hack

But snapping ice pops open isn’t the only hack taking over the internet right now. Also on TikTok, influencer @athomewithshannon recommends freezing ice pops while they are standing up to leave plenty of room to cut off the top.

Of course, this hack works best with preparation. While this tip is great for planning ahead for pool parties, picnics, and beach days, it's easy to toss a pack of pops in the freezer and forget about them until it is too late.

With these two tips under our belt, we are ready to keep these Trader Joe’s pops in rotation all summer long—no scissors required.

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