'Absolute crap': Tracy Grimshaw slams 'extreme diva' claims

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Tracy Grimshaw is slamming New Idea for calling her an "extreme diva". Photo: Instagram/Tracy_Grimshaw

A Current Affair's Tracy Grimshaw has slammed an Australian magazine after the publication wrote an article about her "extreme diva demands".

The magazine alleged that the Gold Logie nominee requested Channel 9 install a "secret lift" from the station's carpark so the public won't see her without makeup when they move locations from Willoughby to North Sydney later in the year.

They also claimed Tracy didn't want to use Channel 9's hair and makeup team, instead hiring a personal hairdresser.

“For years, Tracy and Georgie Gardner could always arrive at the Willoughby offices un-made-up thanks to the privacy of the car park. But North Sydney is a completely different story, plus sharing the building with Fairfax journos (especially TV and gossip writers) is what the raised alarm bells. Hence the urgent calls to the architects for the VIP lift,” the article reads.

Tracy shares a makeup-free selfie on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Tracy_Grimshaw

“She sees herself as Nine’s number-one host and behaves accordingly – but, to be fair, Nine execs agree and are more than happy to oblige," a source told the publication.

However, Tracy has hit back at the publication, calling the claims "absolute crap".

She shared a snap of the article on Instagram and wrote, "I wouldn’t know anything about the lifts in the new building. Have had zero input, made zero requests.

"I come in every day with no makeup, go shopping with no makeup, get on planes with no makeup. I once did ACA with no hair or makeup in Brisbane after wading through flood waters all day in 100% humidity," she added.

"A Sunday paper gossip columnist devoted her entire column to how poorly groomed I was. My hairdresser has been doing my hair for more than 20 years. She does other people’s hair too. Lucky for all of us because mine needs all the help it can get."

Tracy finished by saying, "And as for seeing myself as some big star? Spare me. The weekly [women's] mags treat women like morons. Both their readers, and those of us they use to sell copies. They have to make this stuff up, because none of us will actually talk to them any more.

"That’s a good business model isn’t it? Lie to your market, and piss off your main source of content."

People immediately commented on Tracey’s Instagram post, commending her speaking out, with Today show entertainment reporter Brooke Boney writing: “Good on you Tracy”.

Sunrise’s Samantha Armytage threw her support behind Tracy online.

Sunrise's Samantha Armytage threw her support behind Tracy. Photo: Getty Images

“100% behind you. I can’t believe magazines or newspapers are allowed to invent this crap (usually written by women about women) in this day and age,” she wrote.

“The ‘diva’ stories are concocted by small-minded, jealous morons. But I know sometimes, it’s hard to ignore them. we know what a fab, low-maintenance woman you are, not to mention an incredible JOURNALIST.

“So many women write to me privately when I stick up for myself like this, so I’m going to support you PUBLICLY.”

Tracy replied to Samantha saying: “Thanks Sam. The treatment you get is the treatment you accept so enough of this misogynistic rubbish. You know I have your back too.”

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