Exclusive: Tracey Jewel only went on MAFS to 'get over' her ex

Rebekah Scanlan
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Just two weeks after confirming she split with her Married At First Sight co-star Sean Thomsen, Tracey Jewel has announced she’s reunited with her ex partner, and no, we’re not talking about Dean.

The reality TV star has revealed that she only went on the dating show to “get over” her former flame Patrick Kedemos, but credits her recent experiences — including her failed ‘marriage’ to Dean Wells and her breakup from Sean — for bringing them back together.

“We were together for almost a year before I went on the show,” Tracey told Be exclusively.

“We split in April and the show started filming in September.”

Tracey Jewel recently announced she had reunited with her former partner, Patrick. Source: Instagram/TraceyJewel

But after “struggling” to get over the 45-year-old, she decided to give MAFS a go as a way of helping her “get over him”.

“It was one of those relationships that was very serious very quickly back in 2016, and I never really got over it to be honest,” she said.

“Part of me being on the show was trying to force myself to get over that relationship and make a big change in my life.”

Tracey was previously ‘married’ to Dean Wells who she was partnered with on MAFS. Source: Instagram/TraceyJewel

Despite admitting to being “devastated” things didn’t work out with Patrick, the mum-of-one said she gave it her “best shot” with her on-screen hubby Dean, 40.

But after being embroiled in a ‘cheating’ scandal with another contestant, Davina Rankin, Tracey ended things and later started dating Sean, 34, after the show wrapped.

“Sean portrayed in the early stages of our relationship he was ready, I gave him a chance,” she said, adding he was very “available” to her.

She later went on to date fellow MAFS contestant Sean Thomsen, but recently split. Source: Instagram/TraceyJewel

However things didn’t work out because of their different lifestyles, as Sean’s a FIFO worker while Tracey runs her own business and has her eight-year-old daughter Grace.

Admitting a lot has happened in the 14 months since she separated from dad-of-two Patrick — including her raunchy text messages and nude photos to ex Dean being leaked — Tracey says things are now definitely back on between them.

Tracey has a lot in common with her now partner Patrcik, including both being parents. Pictured with eight-year-old daughter Grace. Source: Instagram/TraceyJewel

“Sometimes it comes down to timing and not a lack of love,” she told Be.

“Once we spent some time together and realised we were finally on the same page, then the rest was simple.”

But after telling her 140k followers about her “#happyending” with Patrick, she has been met with criticism by fans for jumping from one relationship to the next.

She’s clapping back at the “brutal” backlash saying Patrick is “perfect” for her. Source: Instagram/TraceyJewel

“It’s been brutal, the backlash,” Tracey said.

“It’s a bit uncalled for and you know what, I’m ready for a relationship, I want to be with someone for the rest of my life.”

“I’m 35, I’m not interested in being single and that’s why I went on the show,” she added.

“I know what I’m looking for. Dean wasn’t it, Sean wasn’t it… So you know what, Patrick is perfect for me because we’re both on the same page and we both want the same things.”

Tracey is currently on tour to promote her book, This Goddess Means Business. Tickets are available here.

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