This town has the worst F***ing name ever

An Austrian town has been forced to redesign its road signs to stop tourists from stealing them – and it’s all because they can’t seem to get over the extremely rude nature of the town’s name.

The town in question is called F**king.

Located in the north of Austria, the town has long been a tourist hotspot, even featuring in an episode of Top Gear.

Tourists have been stealing the town’s signs for decades. Photo: Australscope

The towns signs were first modified a decade ago to try and protect them from those after a cool souvenir, but people still managed to pinch them.

The signs were then anchored deep into the ground, but even that didn’t stop the hordes of tourists.

Unknown perpetrators came armed with tools to dig out one of the signs at the entrance to the town recently, according to local media.

Even though the local authorities have dozens of signs in stock and can quickly replace them, regional politicians are fed up with the thefts and have had to come up with something else.

They will now change them to include more wording. Photo: Australscope

“Of course, these stupid thefts of F**king town signs are annoying us,” District chief Georg Wojak said.

“So I suggested to Mayor Andrea Holzner that the town signs be made less interesting for thieves by using the inscription ‘Tarsdorf, town borough F**king’.”

Georg thinks that by adding more German words on it, they would no longer be as interesting for foreigners.

“Half-witted people are always attracted to the word of ‘F**king’ alone,” he said.

Taking a look back at history, it’s believed the name was derived from a sixth century Bavarian nobleman called Focko, and was recorded in Latin as the town of Adalpertus de Fucingin.

The spelling of the name evolved over the years to Vucchingen in 1070, Fukching in 1303 and Fugkhing in 1532. Only in the 18th century did the town get its current name.

It’s not the only town struggling with an ‘indecent’ name. Other German-language towns with odd names include W*nk, Kissing, Petting, and Wedding.

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