Woman unrecognisable after going from size 22 to size 6

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A woman has opened up about how she's been able to lose 70kg, after previously using fast food as a 'coping mechanism'.

Tori Scott, from Houston, US, revealed her diet used to consist of carb-loaded takeaways like pizza, pasta, burgers and fries, and she rarely cooked at home, which saw her weight climb to almost 140kg.

Tori Scott has lost 70kg transformation
Tori Scott has lost 70kg after struggling with 'emotional eating' her whole life. Photo: Australscope/Jam Press

But two years later and she is almost unrecognisable having dropped from a size 22 to a size 6.

"Regardless of the emotions that I felt, food always helped," the 27-year-old teacher told Jam Press.

"It was a never-ending cycle of being frustrated at the way I looked, eating to deal with that frustration, then setting goals to lose weight."

Tori said she was "too ashamed" to go out in public and didn't like eating with others for fears that she would be "judged".


Her turning point came in 2017, when she realised what her eating habits had done to her body.

“I felt like the person I was on the inside didn’t match the person everyone else saw," she said, adding she made the decision to undergo weight loss surgery and have a gastric sleeve fitted.

“I would try to make myself go do things but I just counted down the minutes until I could go back home."

The surgery saw doctors cut out 80 per cent of Tori's stomach and leave the remaining 20 per cent, which helped her control her portions and she also worked out consistently, focusing on weight training and HIIT exercises.

Over the next two years she lost an incredible 70kg.

weight loss transformation before and after
Tori underwent a gastric sleeve and started exercising with weights. Photo: Australscope/Jam Press

"I tried every fad diet under the sun and every time I’d stop a particular diet, I’d end up gaining all of my weight back and then some more on top," she admitted.

"After surgery, I learned how to eat a well-balanced diet."

She has also now decided to become a vegetarian, eating meals full of rice, beans and vegetables – along with plenty of water.

“Living my life eating a non-restrictive diet helps me mentally and physically. I don’t emotionally eat anymore," she said.

tori scott weight loss transformation
Tori is proud of her decision to have the surgery as it's been 'life-changing'. Photo: Australscope/Jam Press

“It’s a lot of staple ingredients that I switch up for different meals I love cooking now and it is a stress reliever to me.”

However, she still indulges in treats like dark chocolate, crisps and pasta occasionally.

The teacher now weighs 68kg and feels like she has been given a new lease of life.

“I don’t stay inside all day like I used to and I definitely don’t let others’ opinions control me," Tori added.

“Physically I can do so much more. I can run, lift weights, keep up with others, etc. My quality of life has greatly improved.

"I also love trying out new exercises in the gym.

“Some people are ashamed of having weight loss surgery and keep it a secret but I'm proud of my choice."

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