Torah Bright reveals one regret over viral breastfeeding photo

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Aussie Olympian Torah Bright went viral around the world when she shared a daring breastfeeding photo to celebrate Mother's Day earlier this year.

Now, the snowboarder has revealed her one regret about posting the photo, which sparked a heated debate on social media.

torah bright
Torah Bright celebrated motherhood with a series of photos. Photo: Instagram/torahbright

The photo showed the 34-year-old breastfeeding her son, Flow, while doing a headstand, and while some celebrated the image as "powerful" and "insane", others slammed the star saying it was "way too much".

In an exclusive interview with Stellar Magazine, Torah has revealed she might not have shared the photo had she known what some of the responses would be like.


"If I knew how these women had taken the image, you know, to represent things that it wasn’t, I don’t think I ever would have done it," she said.

"But at the same time, I think it’s a conversation that is a beautiful one to have — and that little dilemma did start it."

torah bright breastfeeding photo
Torah's breastfeeding photo went viral around the world. Photo: Instagram/torah bright

The image was one of a series of photos Torah shared on Mother's Day, writing: "Becoming a mother has unleashed something inside of me."

"It's deeply spiritual. It's primal. It's raw. it's fierce. It is pure," she continued.

"I am mother. My prayer for all mothers, now and in the future is that they be heard. Honoured. Respected and encouraged to trust their intuition."

A few people left hurtful comments aimed at the star, forcing her to hit back at the trolls.

"This is way too much. It's not about handstands and seeing how that child could actually latch on for likes," one person wrote.

“It’s not all about you love, just feed your kid normally," was another comment.

torah bright and family
Torah hit back at trolls online. Photo: Instagram/Torahbright

Torah spoke on the Today show, and posted to her own Instagram, in response to the trolls of her breastfeeding photo.

She told hosts Karl and Ally that the images were "honouring my journey as a mother."

"I was just surprised and I think the only reason why I took the time - to be honest, I feel really silly even coming here talking about it because I was like, 'It's a non-issue'," Torah said

"If you didn't like the photo, that's fine," she continued.

"My main thoughts and the sadness I did get from reading some of the comments, the motherhood journey, we need to be supported, we need to find the village to support each other, encourage each other."

On her social media the mum said she was 'saddened' by the comments.

"In my world, mothers should be each other’s cheerleaders," she said, adding “it’s hard enough”.

"Embrace our quirkiness and finding the joy in every s****y thing that is motherhood.

"We all do it differently, it is not wrong or right."

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