Top Your Morning Toast Off With Peaches This Summer

Peach toasts with cheese and blueberries
Peach toasts with cheese and blueberries - Arx0nt/Getty Images

Summertime wouldn't be the same without peaches and their vibrant, captivating sweetness. It's incomparable, the sensation of biting into this juicy fruit and feeling its flavors bursting delectably on your taste buds. Eating one raw is always an option, but why settle for just that when there are countless other ways to make the best of peaches? While peach desserts and cocktails will never get old, you might like the fruit just as much on a simple breakfast toast. Get inspired by chef Kyle Reaves' summer toast recipe and top your toasted bread with a few peach slices to kickstart the day on a bright, beautiful note. This twist is the foolproof way to shake up your morning and bring a spark of joy to your daily routine.

With its floral, aromatic sweetness, biting into a ripe peach is like tasting sunshine. This flavor shines when paired with toasted bread and its caramel-like warmth. It only gets better when joined by the spices, sheep's cheese, and dressing in our recipe. Cheese is an excellent match with peaches, as the savory counteracts the sweetness, and each flavor enhances the other.

We also can't help but love the textural contrast this pairing adorns. Each bite brings together soft, juicy peach, creamy cheese, and crispy toast. Although entirely different, they work in perfect harmony with each other.

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Get Creative With The Peach And Toppings

peach and ingredients on toast
peach and ingredients on toast - OlgaBombologna/Shutterstock

There's no need to ponder much when you're adding peaches to your toasts. The fruit only needs to be sliced, but you can also give it a quick grill for a more intensified taste. You can even rub the slices in a spice of choice before grilling for a crispy, flavorful crust. If you've got the time, caramelize the peach using butter and brown sugar for a deep sweetness.

From there on, your toast topping choices are practically limitless. We suggest jalapeño pepper and basil for a subtly spicy twist, but you can obviously put your own spin. Spread a layer of cheese, whether it's sheep's cheese, ricotta, mozzarella, cottage cheese, or whatever else you prefer onto the bread for a rich, tangy base. Opt for leafy greens like arugula or basil for an earthy touch. A sweet-tart summer serenade, on the other hand, can be brought about with other summer classics like berries or tomatoes. Avocado, as always, makes a fantastic addition with its nutty, creamy taste. For those who want something savory and smoky, bacon or prosciutto are top-notch choices, and add the perfect salty answer to the sweet peach.

As a finishing touch, drizzle hot honey or maple syrup over the toast to tie everything together. Sprinkle in crushed nuts or seeds for some crunch in every bite. A few fresh herbs, such as thyme or mint, also work, for when you want a fragrant kick.

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