Top Boy star responds to "conspiracy theories" about s5 finale

jasmine jobson as jaq, top boy season 5
Top Boy star responds to "conspiracy theories"Netflix

Top Boy season 5 – or season 3, as Netflix has branded it – spoilers follow, including for its ending.

Top Boy star Jasmine Jobson has weighed in on rumours about her character Jaq Lawrence being the mysterious figure in the season 5 finale.

Viewers of the Netflix show were treated to a huge twist in the final moments of the last season when a hooded figure walks off in the distance after killing Sully (Kane Robinson).

In a chat with The Guardian, Jobson responded to theories that Jaq could be the killer — and it seems that her guess is as good as fans'.

jasmine jobson as jaq, top boy season 4
Chris Harris/Netflix

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"I can't tell you that. I have no idea. Everybody's asking," she said, adding that she's enjoying hearing theories.

"I'm hearing so many conspiracy theories. I like hearing everything, but I've no idea."

To be fair, Sully had made quite a few enemies throughout the years, so there were more than just one suspect who might've wanted him dead.

kano, kane robinson as sully, top boy season 5

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Jobson debuted in the role of Jaq in series 3 after an audition in which casting directors requested her to lose her temper. She asked how far she could go and delivered, throwing a chair in a controlled fit that ended up winning her the role.

"It was strategic," she recalled. "I asked, I didn't want to be messing it up. I did my thing, but the main thing is that the chair went nowhere near them. I kept it completely away. I would never recommend anybody to just go wild and lose it in an audition."

She continued: "When I heard I got the job, I was washing my hair, and I remember flinging shampoo all over my bathroom, screaming my head off. A lot of throwing stuff about, yeah!"

All episodes of Top Boy season 5 are available to stream on Netflix.

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