The Top 9 Frozen Meatball Brands Ranked

Bags of frozen meatballs
Bags of frozen meatballs - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

The weather today? Cloudy with a chance of frozen meatballs. These convenient and versatile treats reign supreme in the freezer section. Whether utilized as the star of a hearty spaghetti dinner or an essential ingredient in savory appetizers, these bite-sized spheres have earned their place as a kitchen staple.

We undertook a rigorous evaluation, examining a selection of frozen meatball brands across various criteria such as taste, texture, ingredient quality, and overall culinary experience. Our goal: to provide valuable insights, enabling you to make informed choices when selecting frozen meatballs for your next party, dinner, or lunchtime meal.

Whether you're a seasoned culinary enthusiast or someone seeking a quick, dependable solution for weeknight dishes, this ranking will serve as a valuable resource in your quest for the perfect meatball. Join us as we delve into the world of frozen meatballs and discover which brands have earned a place at the top of the ranks, offering both convenience and exceptional flavor to discerning palates.

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Bremer meatballs
Bremer meatballs - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Bremer Original Meatballs, part of Aldi's lineup, initially piqued our interest with their promise of a beef and pork combination devoid of artificial ingredients. However, our tasting experience left much to be desired. These meatballs were excessively greasy, which detracted from their overall appeal.

In terms of flavor, the disappointment continued. The meat exhibited a lackluster profile, with only faint hints of pork and beef discernible on the palate. Regrettably, the absence of notable spices or seasonings also left them devoid of character. To salvage these meatballs, you'd undoubtedly need to pair them with a robust and flavorful sauce, effectively masking their inherent blandness.

While free from artificial additives, ultimately, these meatballs fell short in terms of both texture and taste. Their excessive greasiness and uninspiring flavor profile put them in last place. In the world of frozen meatballs, these offerings will leave you wanting more. We promise there are way better options out there.

Great Value

Great Value meatballs
Great Value meatballs - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Walmart's Great Value Italian Style Meatballs secured eighth place on our list. Comprising a mixture of beef and pork, these meatballs presented both pros and cons in our evaluation.

One notable drawback was the presence of numerous unfamiliar and challenging-to-pronounce ingredients in their composition, which may raise concerns for those seeking a healthier option. Furthermore, our cooking experience revealed an inconsistency in texture, with certain areas of the meatballs becoming overly firm during preparation.

The flavor profile of these meatballs leaned heavily on rosemary and spices, with rosemary extract listed in the ingredients. This characteristic makes them more suitable for pairing with a relatively bland sauce that can balance the robust herbal notes. However, this strong seasoning might overwhelm more delicate sauces or dishes.

Overall, the strong seasoning and ingredient list may not appeal to all tastes, but they could find a place in dishes where their bold flavor can shine. However, the occasional textural inconsistency pushed us away from eating more. These ones earn an "okay" rating on our list.

Earth's Best

Earth's Best mini meatballs
Earth's Best mini meatballs - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Earth's Best mini beef meatballs for kids offer a healthier alternative with some noteworthy attributes. These frozen spheres boast a clean bill of health, free from antibiotics and hormones, and feature beef sourced from vegetarian-fed cattle. This dedication to quality sourcing and ingredients is commendable and aligns with the growing demand for healthier food choices.

However, our tasting experience unveiled some room for improvement. While these mini meatballs are a healthier option, they proved to be somewhat greasy. In terms of flavor, they fell short of delivering a memorable taste experience. While hints of spices were detectable, the overall flavor profile lacked the richness and depth that many meatball enthusiasts seek. Our reaction: meh.

In summary, Earth's Best is a commendable option for health-conscious consumers looking for a more natural and responsible choice. Their commitment to clean ingredients and ethical sourcing sets them apart. Nevertheless, they may not be the most flavorful choice on the market, and their greasiness may deter some discerning palates.


Johnsonville meatballs
Johnsonville meatballs - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Up next are Johnsonville's classic Italian-style meatballs. These meatballs score points for their commitment to quality, with no nitrates or nitrites and no artificial colors or flavors. The use of 100% premium pork also promises a high-quality meat base.

In terms of texture, they manage to strike a balance, being juicy without veering into excessive greasiness. However, where Johnsonville's offering diverges from the norm is in the flavor department. These meatballs exhibit a bold pork-centric taste, and while not unpleasant, may catch some meatball enthusiasts off guard. The intensity of the pork flavor tends to overshadow the more traditional meatball essence that many consumers expect.

On the spice front, these meatballs offer a commendable profile, though it may be a tad overwhelming for some. While the spices do contribute to the overall flavor, they don't present a clear standout note. Additionally, the spiciness tends to linger, with a slight burn in the back of the throat.

Overall, these meatballs offer a respectable option for those open to a pork-forward interpretation. But if you go down this road, don't think traditional when trying these out. These definitely aren't your grandma's meatballs.

Pineland Farms

Pineland Farms meatballs
Pineland Farms meatballs - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Ranking fifth on our list, Pineland Farms Italian-style beef meatballs stand out for their commitment to natural ingredients. These meatballs proudly boast no added antibiotics or growth hormones, appealing to those seeking a clean and responsible option.

However, Pineland's interpretation of Italian-style meatballs differs markedly from the traditional. Rather than the expected blend of spices, breadcrumbs, and herbs, these meatballs take a distinctively cheesy approach. The pronounced cheese-centric flavor profile sets them apart, making them a unique and memorable option for those who appreciate a dairy-heavy meatball. However, this departure from the typical Italian-style composition may leave some consumers feeling that they lack the traditional Italian essence.

In terms of texture, these meatballs exhibit both greasiness and juiciness, striking a balance between the two. Despite their smaller size, they deliver a formidable flavor punch, thanks to their cheese-forward character.

If you're looking for meatballs that offer a departure from the norm, with a strong emphasis on cheese rather than traditional spices and breadcrumbs, You should give Pineland Farms a try. While it delivers a memorable and flavorful experience, this unique approach may not align with everyone's expectations of Italian-style meatballs.

Our Best

Our Best meatballs
Our Best meatballs - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Our Best Italian-style meatballs seize the fourth spot on our ranking, boasting several commendable attributes that set them apart in the world of frozen meatballs. One notable feature is the inclusion of both beef and pork  in the composition, which contributes to a well-rounded and balanced flavor profile. Despite their small size, these meatballs manage to deliver a satisfying blend of both meats, creating a harmonious taste experience.

The presence of a resealable bag adds a practical touch, ensuring the freshness and convenience of the product over multiple uses. Additionally, the crispy texture sets them apart from many competitors, providing a satisfying contrast to the typical softness of frozen meatballs. However, it's worth noting that these meatballs incorporate a considerable number of added ingredients, some of which may not align with health-conscious consumers seeking more natural options. While the flavor profile is largely enjoyable, there is a noticeable saltiness towards the back end, which may be a drawback for those with sodium-sensitive palates.

Despite their small size and added ingredients, Our Best delivers a satisfying flavor profile with a touch of salt. These meatballs offer a respectable option for those seeking convenience and a flavorful meatball experience.

Cooked Perfect

Cooked Perfect meatballs
Cooked Perfect meatballs - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Cooked Perfect's organic Italian-style meatballs have secured the bronze medal, thanks to their commitment to organic and ethically sourced ingredients. One standout feature is the use of 100% grass-fed beef without antibiotics or hormones, appealing to health-conscious consumers who prioritize the quality of their meat. Additionally, these meatballs are non-GMO, animal welfare certified, and gluten-free, addressing a range of dietary preferences and concerns.

One of the most striking aspects of these meatballs is their incredibly diverse ingredient list, which includes everything from rosemary to coffee -- seriously. This complexity translates into a flavor profile that is equally intricate. The journey begins with a cheese-forward note on the front end, followed by an array of spices that gradually build, ultimately leaving a lasting impression.

The meatballs are a decent size, too, but their juiciness, while enjoyable, tends towards the greasier side. The spice-forward character, featuring a prominent rosemary flavor, may be appreciated by some but could be a bit overwhelming for others.

Cooked Perfect offers a rich and complex flavor experience, showcasing the diverse range of ingredients in their composition. The transition from cheese to spices provides a culinary adventure that may captivate adventurous palates. While the greasiness and potent spice profile may not be to everyone's taste, these meatballs stand as a testament to the potential for bold and intricate flavors in frozen meatballs. We'd definitely eat these ones again!

Good & Gather

Good & Gather meatballs
Good & Gather meatballs - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Target's Good & Gather Italian-style meatballs made quite the impression, securing the runner-up position. These meatballs offer a unique blend of beef, pork, and chicken, setting them apart from the crowd. While their ingredient list may contain some less-desirable components, their taste, and texture more than make up for it. These meatballs are juicy and packed with flavor, making each bite a delight for the taste buds. The only drawback is their slight greasiness, which may deter those looking for a leaner option.

In terms of texture, Good & Gather excels, striking a balance between tenderness and firmness. One standout feature is their well-calibrated spice profile. The spices are present enough to add depth and character to the flavor but not so overpowering as to mask the overall taste.

What truly sets these meatballs apart is their base of cheese, which adds a delightful creaminess to each bite. This cheesy undercurrent elevates the flavor profile and distinguishes them from more traditional Italian-style meatballs.

Despite their smaller size, Good & Gather's meatballs deliver a satisfying and delicious experience, making them a deserving contender for the number two spot on our list. With bold flavors and an exceptional cheese-infused foundation, these meatballs are a must-try.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's meatballs
Trader Joe's meatballs - Jenn Carnevale/Static Media

Trader Joe's Italian-style meatballs have clinched the top spot on our list with a resounding victory. These flame-broiled meatballs showcase a blend of beef and an array of spices, creating a memorable flavor experience.

What truly sets Trader Joe's meatballs apart is their remarkable homemade mouthfeel. These meatballs manage to capture the essence of a homemade recipe, allowing you to taste and feel the individual components that make up each bite.

The spice profile is a standout feature, with a harmonious blend of ingredients that don't overpower the overall flavor. The journey begins with a delightful cheese note at the front, followed by mild spices that gradually build, resulting in a delicious and well-balanced taste.

Trader Joe's secures its first-place ranking with flying colors. Their substantial size, homemade mouthfeel, and intricate flavor profile make them a standout choice in the world of frozen meatballs. Without a doubt, Trader Joe's has raised the bar for frozen Italian-style meatballs.

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