Too Hot To Handle's Alex Snell calls out Elys over "unfair" Instagram post

elys, alex, too hot to handle, season 5
Too Hot To Handle's Alex Snell calls out Elys Netflix

Too Hot To Handle's Alex Snell has called out ex-girlfriend Elys Hutchinson, accusing her of making an "unfair" Instagram post.

The two met on the most recent series of the Netflix reality show and continued to pursue their romance after filming ended, though they eventually went their separate ways six months later.

Despite their split, Elys recently took to Instagram and posted some photos of herself and Alex back from when they were dating, captioning the post: "Okaaaayyyyy just because you all wanted more content… nothing but good vibes over here @alexsnelll".

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However, it wasn't long before Alex commented and asked Elys to take the post down.

"With due respect, this is really unfair on both myself and my girlfriend," he wrote. "Can you please remove this. Just for some engagement seems totally out of order?"

While Alex's comment no longer appears to be visible on Elys's post, he posted on TikTok to clear the situation up to his followers. While he said in the caption there were "no hard feelings", he further explained why he wasn't happy with the post.

elys and alex, too hot to handle, season 5

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"Hey guys so I just wanted to clear this up a little bit. I was a little surprised by this this morning. I saw a post of me and Elys on Instagram. Now, some of you may or may not be aware, but I do actually have a girlfriend," he said.

"I don't want to sound petty, but I just think out of respect, this was a little bit out of order."

Alex appeared to acknowledge that the contestants can't post for some time between filming the show and the finale, but added: "It's, like not normal, I guess, with the show and things, this has been dragged on for quite a bit. But yeah, I just felt this was a little bit out of order."

Elys, who was ultimately crowned winner of Too Hot To Handle season five and was awarded a prize pot of $100,000, which she split with fellow finalist Dre.

elys, too hot to handle season 5

She has since told Cosmopolitan UK that she was "a bit surprised" by Alex's reaction to the post, "because I made it very clear we weren't together on the post prior [to this one]".

Elys also confirmed that she removed Alex's comment from the post, saying: "I didn't want any negativity, I thought it was such a silly comment."

"My biggest storyline [in the show] was with Alex and we were together in a real relationship outside of the retreat for [a] good six months, and I wanted to be authentic with everyone and let them in on what had happened," she added.

"When I watch dating shows, you want to be part of the life after, and I don't think it's fair to go quiet. I thought they're really beautiful memories and I just thought it would be nice to share them."

Too Hot to Handle is available on Netflix.

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