Tony Romo optimistic about Cowboys signing Dak, Zeke: 'These deals are gonna get done'

One of the biggest stories of the preseason surrounds the Dallas Cowboys and the contract status of their offensive stars.

Ezekiel Elliott is holding out, Dak Prescott is reportedly making massive demands and Amari Cooper has an expiring contract fresh off the Cowboys dealing a boatload to trade for him.

Former Cowboys quarterback and current CBS analyst Tony Romo knows a thing or two about dealing with owner Jerry Jones and how the team does business.

He told Yahoo Sports’ Amanda Borges on Thursday he expects the Cowboys to work out deals with their stars.

‘These deals are gonna get done’

“These deals are gonna get done,” Romo said before putting a positive spin on the stress of the contract negotiations.

“It’s a good problem for them to have,” Romo said. “It means they’ve drafted well. It means they’re in a position where there’s young talent you want to have on the team. I think that everyone thinks it’s a negative. It just means you have a lot of good players. They’ll find a way to get this all done.”

So is Dak a top 10 QB?

Romo deflected when asked if Prescott is a top-10 quarterback who deserves the $40 million he reportedly demanded.

Without answering the question directly, Romo predicted that the Cowboys will make Prescott a wealthy man.

“Dak’s gonna get paid a lot of money,” Romo said. “He’s been productive his entire career.”

Tony Romo knows how Jerry Jones does business. (Reuters)

The problem with Prescott

Romo’s hesitance to address the question speaks to the conundrum that the Cowboys find themselves in with Prescott.

Nothing in Prescott’s résumé suggests he’s an elite quarterback who demands the highest salary in football. Playing with the benefit of an elite offensive line and one of the best running backs in the game, Prescott has proven to be a serviceable starter in the NFL.

Prescott’s done little to show that he’s a difference-maker at quarterback. Few are confident he would be a game-winner without the talent around him.

But being a serviceable starter in the NFL gives Prescott significant leverage when the other option for the Cowboys is not having one.

Zeke may not be on the field for Week 1, but ...

As for that elite running back, Romo expects the Cowboys to work out a deal there as well. He just doesn’t know when.

“We’ll see how that plays out,” Romo said. “They’re gonna sign him. It’s just a matter of whether it’s before Week 1 or later.”

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