Tom Brady teaches Bucs center Ryan Jensen the exact way to fold his towel to avoid a sweaty butt

Frank Schwab
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Great ones are great for a reason.

They’re often maniacal about details. We saw some of that in “The Last Dance.” But Michael Jordan presumably never had to teach a new teammate the proper procedure to avoid butt sweat.

Tom Brady is going to change the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, even in ways that matter after he retires. He’ll try to build a winning culture by getting the Buccaneers to think about things they’ve never thought of before.

Center Ryan Jensen got a taste of how things are going to change.

Tom Brady’s towel folding method

For all the things Jensen has picked up along his football journey, he probably never was taught the right way to fold a towel.

During an informal (and legal!) workout with his new teammates, Brady gave a specific lesson.

This is probably more about it being gross for a quarterback to put his hands underneath the center’s behind and have them get wet, but there are football reasons too. Wet footballs aren’t ideal to throw. It sounds minor but it’s important to Brady. This is something that Brady has insisted centers do since his Patriots days.

There are going to be a lot of lessons coming for the younger Buccaneers this offseason.

Quarterback Tom Brady had a lesson for his new center. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
Quarterback Tom Brady had a lesson for his new center. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Buccaneers to get lessons from Brady

First and foremost, the Buccaneers signed Brady to throw for many yards and touchdowns the next two seasons.

But when you get a six-time Super Bowl champion who has been in the NFL 20 seasons, you’re also acquiring leadership. The Buccaneers have a lot of good, young players who will get lessons from Brady that they’re going to take forward the rest of their careers. There’s a lot of value in that too.

The lessons will be more important than how to fold a towel. But to the great ones, everything matters. The Buccaneers will pick up on that.

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