The person who paid $800K for a Tom Brady jersey and dinner is a 25-year-old YouTube star

Jack Baer

When a Tom Brady prize package that includes tickets to his first Tampa Bay Buccaneers home game, his jersey from the game and dinner with the quarterback sells for $800,000, a typical reaction is wondering what kind of Brady/Patriots superfan would spend that much.

According to TMZ, we have our answer.

Tom Brady All In Challenge hits $800K

The winner of the Tom Brady All In Challenge — part of a series of charity auctions organized by Fanatics founder Michel Rubin to combat food insecurity amid the coroanvirus pandemic — is reportedly a 25-year-old YouTube star by the name of Logan Thirtyacre.

Judging from a photo sent to TMZ, Thirtyacre is quite the Tom Brady fan.

Per TMZ, Thirtyacre has already made his payment in full.

Thirtyacre appeared to confirm his win in the auction through his Instagram story on Tuesday, featuring Brady’s new Bucs jersey.

Screencap from Logan Thirtyacre's Instagram story.

The YouTuber also told TMZ that his budget to win a meeting with his favorite football player was $2 million. He reportedly traced his Brady fandom back to Super Bowl LI in 2017, when he saw the Patriots’ famous 28-3 comeback in person (incidentally, Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s ring from that Super Bowl is also up for auction for even more money).

If you’re wondering how Thirtyacre has the ability to throw around nearly a million dollars to meet a football player, such is the power of prominent YouTube accounts.

Thirtyacre currently has nearly 9 million subscribers on his main YouTube account, SuperMarioLogan, with several other accounts also in the seven-figure subscriber range. Their central hook appears to be Thirtyacre voicing skits with dolls from the Super Mario video game series.

Each of his videos garner millions of views, which can translate to millions of dollars and the ability to post cautionary tales about owning a Lamborghini.

Thirtyacre has also posted pictures of his treks to Brady’s games, including last season’s home opener, Super Bowl LII and the 2019 AFC championship game. Now, he has guaranteed tickets for Brady’s first game at home with his new team.

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