Toddler's photobomb turns mum's selfie into X-rated snap

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s the selfie trend that sees blossoming mums take belly snaps to celebrate all the lovely milestones that comes with pregnancy.

Except for 30-week pregnant mum Georgia Shortall, whose belly selfie ended up being accidentally rude and unexpectedly hilarious.

The 30-week pregnant mum was taking a belly photo to send to a friend. Photo: Facebook/georgia.shortall

The 28-year-old was taking a photo of her bump to show her friend how far along she was.

Dressed in a long black singlet with her legs on show, Georgia didn’t notice her energetic toddler sprinting across the room and photobombing her snap until it was too late.

And what a glorious photobomb it was.

In a photo that’s now gone viral around the world, Georgia admits she didn’t notice how rude her pic was, and sent it off to her friend.

Georgia’s toddler’s photobomb might just be the best of all time. Photo: Facebook/georgia.shortall

“I was on the phone to my mate Toni, took the picture, looked at it and sent it,” Georgia told the Metro. “She was laughing asking what I was trying to show her.”

Georgia then shared the snap to Facebook with the caption, “When your son’s leg… changes a picture,” and the internet lost it.

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“I literally p***ed myself laughing at this,” commented one Facebook user. “Something mums will know all too well about.”

“I was like errrmmm George why has u sent me a dick pic,” joked another of her friends.

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