Toddler loves helping with laundry — until he’s given his favorite blanket

This parent on TikTok shared a video of their toddler delightfully helping out with the laundry until his blankie became involved, and it’s too sweet for words.

TikToker Brandon McCormick (@dad_of_tiktok2022) is a parent and content creator who posts clips featuring daily life as a dad to young kids. Recently, McCormick shared a precious video of his toddler gleefully tossing clothes into the laundry machine until he’s given his favorite blanket, and viewers cannot handle the cuteness.

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The clip opens with a shot of the adorable toddler sporting the perfect laundry day getup—an oversized Spider-Man t-shirt.

Forming a laundry assembly line, the little boy’s mother hands him an article of clothing or linens to throw into the machine with great care and an intense focus.

The toddler tosses the laundry through the machine’s large opening, growing more excited with each item.

Proud of his hard work, the little boy claps his hands and beams at the camera. After a few more good throws into the laundry machine, the toddler is handed his favorite blanket.

Looking up at the large gray knitted blanket, the little boy attempts to grab it in his arms but ends up dropping it on the floor.

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Instead of picking it up and continuing with the laundry, the toddler lays face down on the blanket and curls up, decisively clocking out for the day.

McCormick’s sweet video definitely tugged at many viewers’ heartstrings.

“My son did the same thing. He would sit under the clothesline until [his blanket] dried,” one parent fondly recalled.

“Doing chores [can] be like that. Sometimes you just want [to] rest with your favorite blanket,” one TikToker half-joked.

“You and [little] man are bringing back sweet memories for me. Thank you. My heart is melting,” complimented one viewer.

Based on the video and viewers’ responses, sometimes the simplest moments make the sweetest memories.

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