Toddler insists M&M’s are chocolate Skittles in hilarious TikTok

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This hilariously stubborn toddler insisted that her M&M’s were “chocolate Skittles!”

Toddlers can be very convincing, even when they’re wrong! In a hilarious video, one dad on TikTok (@bclarkfam) shared how his toddler, Ayla, very confidently but incorrectly insisted that M&M’s were “chocolate Skittles.” In the video, the dad shares his conversation with Ayla, showing just how persuasive toddlers can be!

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The video begins with a shot of Ayla sitting at the kitchen table wearing a pink shirt decorated with dinosaurs. In front of her sits a cardboard box full of candy. Ayla is going through the box of candy, sorting and identifying each sweet treat.

When Ayla pulls a bag of M&M’s out of the box, her dad asks, “What you got?”

Skittles,” Ayla replies, placing the bag of candy on the counter.

“Wait, wait,” her dad replies. “What are those?”

“Skittles,” Ayla replies again, sounding slightly frustrated at her dad’s confusion.

“What type of Skittles are those?” Ayla’s dad asks.

“It’s chocolate Skittles,” Ayla explains, waving the bag at her dad.

“Those are M&M’s,” Ayla’s dad replies.

“No, it’s chocolate Skittles,” Ayla says, firmly.

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The confident toddler looks at the bag of M&M’s as though to confirm she is correct. Satisfied that she is right, she explains, “No, it’s not M&M’s. It’s chocolate Skittles.”

Ayla’s dad zooms in to show the bag of candy, which features an image of smiling red and yellow M&M’s.

“Wow,” says Ayla’s dad. “I’ve been wrong my whole life.”

But Ayla doesn’t hear her dad. She has already lost interest in the “chocolate Skittles” and has moved on to inspect the other candies. “Wow, lollipop!” the toddler exclaims, waving a lollipop in the air.

“Okay,” Ayla’s dad says, sounding exasperated, as the video ends.

The video of the confidently incorrect toddler had viewers cracking up!

“She knows what she’s talking about,” wrote one viewer.

Kids make you look at life differently,” commented another TikToker.

“Nope! It’s chocolate Skittles. You heard her!” another TikToker wrote.

Ayla might be wrong about the chocolate Skittles, but her confidence is certainly admirable!

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