Toddler has hilarious reaction when mom ‘steals’ his eyes

This toddler had the most dramatic reaction when his mom pretended to “steal” his eyes!

Fern-elizabeth Britton (@fernelizabethbrit) is a parent and TikToker whose 2-year-old toddler, Ethan, has a serious flair for the dramatic! In a hilarious video, Fern-elizabeth pretended to steal the toddler’s eyes while playing with him, prompting an amazing response from the 2-year-old. The dramatic toddler plays along by breaking into fake sobs that would give many professional actors a run for their money!

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The video begins with a shot of Ethan sitting in the living room wearing a white button-down shirt. The 2-year-old is turned away from the camera, but can be heard giggling joyfully. “Ethan, look!” Fern-elizabeth calls to the toddler.

Ethan turns to face his mom, a huge grin on his face. Fern-elizabeth reaches out and gently touches Ethan’s eyes, pretending to grasp them between her fingers. “I’ve got your eyes!” Fern-elizabeth says in a sing-song voice.

Immediately, Ethan responds by closing his eyes tightly and breaking into dramatic fake sobs. The toddler “cries” loudly and waves his hands in front of his face. Then, he shakes his head and touches his eyes, still “crying.”

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“What’s the matter?” Fern-elizabeth asks the toddler.

“I can’t see!” Ethan responds, sounding distraught.

Then, Fern-elizabeth presses her fingers against Ethan’s eyes a second time, laughing as she does so. “Here you go!” she says, as she “returns” the toddler’s eyes to him.

The moment Fern-elizabeth touches Ethan’s eyes, he breaks back into a wide grin. The video ends with Fern-elizabeth and Ethan giggling together. “My 2-year-old is so extra!” Fern-elizabeth writes in a caption.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the “extra” toddler and his acting chops!

“Girl, you got a natural born actor. Put him in classes right now. He might be able to teach the classes!” one viewer wrote.

“He is ready for his next audition!” another TikToker commented.

“Give this kid an Oscar!” joked another TikToker.

If Fern-elizabeth’s video is any indication, Ethan certainly has a bright future as an actor ahead of him!

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