Cannibal shown chewing on human skull on TV

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Todd Sampson’s Body Hack 2.0 is back on Network Ten and viewers are in for a real ride.

In the premiere episode of season two, Todd immerses himself straight into the traditions of the Aghori Sadhu tribe, located near the Ganges river.

Todd Sampson and Elder Babaji with the skull of a human he is about to eat. Source: Network Ten//Bodyhack

In the clip above, an Aussie TV first showed Elder Babaji eating from a human skull.

“What we may find disgusting,” Todd told the camera. “They see as part of their spiritual process.”

“If they can concentrate on God by even doing the most perverted act of eating human flesh, they believe that breaks the illusion that we all live in.”

Elder Babji chews on a human skull. Source: Network Ten

While Elder Babaji ate the flesh, he burst into laughter and Todd looked on, horrified.

‘Oh I feel like I’m going to vomit,’ he said and then asked the elder what the human remains taste like.

‘Very good,’ he responded laughing.

During an interview with Carrie and Tommy on the Hit Network, Todd explained the premise of the new season.

“[It’s] so we can better understand ourselves, by trying to understand others.”

Members of the  Aghori Sadhu tribe view a dead body as a beautiful flower, they both reduce to ash. Source: Network Ten

“In their world, a dead decaying body is exactly the same as a beautiful flower, they both reduce to ash,” he said.

“The first thing, it wasn’t a visual problem for me,” he said about the cannibalism. “The smell was the issue.”

Elder Babaji holds the skull and laughs as part of their “spiritual process”. Source: Network Ten

Todd also took part in a ‘penis yoga’ ritual in which naked men bend their penises around a sword.

“In their mind they do these called tapas or the extraordinary, abhorrent or physical challenges to get closer to enlightenment,” he said.

While he didn’t physically do the act, he did climb on top of a sword, suspended by nothing but a tribe member’s penis.

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