Todd McKenney ignites family feud after revealing ex-boyfriend married his sister

Allison Yee
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It’s the family secret he’s refused to speak about for years, and now Aussie star Todd McKenney has finally opened up about a love triangle he claims saw his ex-boyfriend Simon Gallaher marry his sister, Lisa.

The Dancing with the Stars judge went public with the revelations in a podcast recorded for Melbourne’s Joy FM 94.9, explaining his fractured relationship with his sister.

Todd claims he’s kept silent on the family drama until now – but is ‘sick of not talking about it’. Photo: Getty

“She is 11 months older than me, she married my ex boyfriend. We have a weird relationship,” Todd explained on the ‘Word for Word’ podcast.

Todd then went on to explain how he had dated performer-turned-producer Simon during a serious five-year relationship that “wasn’t a weekend fling at the drive in”.

The couple called it quits, with Todd, 54, revealing how he was shocked to learn his sister Lisa went on to marry Simon, and only realised when he read a headline in a newspaper.

“She is still married to my ex-boyfriend but just has never mentioned it to me,” Todd explained in the podcast. “It’s weird, isn’t it? I think this is the first time I have ever talked about it publicly.”

Todd claims he had a serious five-year romance with Simon. Photo: Facebook/ Simon Gee

While Todd says he’s turned down multiple offers for him to tell his story out of respect to Simon and Lisa’s three children, he’s now coming clean with the shock details – and it’s left his family fuming.

“I have only one thing to say. Todd McKenney is a Headline Whore,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports Simon posting on his Facebook page.

Simon and Lisa have been married for 31 years and have three children together. Photo: Facebook/ Lisa Gallaher

“Shame on him. His sister on the other hand is the love of my life and wife of over 31 years. I love her to the end of the world.”

Meanwhile Todd’s sister Lisa also reportedly took to Facebook to vent her frustration over the situation.

“My brother is being a douchebag,” the Fix reports Lisa writing on Facebook. “We all just have to duck the fall out now. Selfish, lying idiot.”

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