'Today' Anchors Hilariously Roast Each Other While Describing 'How Well' They 'Know Each Other'

Having a little fun at work, Today recently decided to test the show's co-anchors with a short friendship quiz, and they didn't disappoint.

The official Instagram account for Today shared the new video on Thursday, June 13, with text over it saying, "testing how well our anchors know each other."

Starting with Carson Daly, he responded to what was likely a question about favorite days of the week, saying, "My favorite day of the week is Friday. Craig [Melvin]'s favorite day of the week is Fri-YAY." Melvin was presumably asked the same question, earning surprised laughs from the staff behind the camera as he gave the exact same answer as his co-host.

Next up, Savannah Guthrie, Melvin and Al Roker were asked about their preferred temperature in the Today studio, and it immediately sparked a debate about what temperature was best.

"I like the studio perfect temperature, Craig likes the studio like a meat locker," said Guthrie emphatically. But Melvin called himself a "reasonable person" for his preference of "maybe 70/71 degrees," before claiming Guthrie asked it to be 82 degrees.

It seemed like Roker was on Melvin's side, as the 69-year-old said he liked it to be "cold enough to hang meat," compared to Guthrie and Hoda Kotb's preference of it being warm "like a terrarium."

Today appeared to thoroughly enjoy the short exercise, with the caption reading, "This just turned into battle of the thermostat. 😂."

Fans were equally amused, with comments like, "Too funny!" and "Haha!! This is so hilarious 😊."

One fan joked, "It’s either hot yoga or an ice box 😂."

While the Today anchors can occasionally butt heads, it's always in good fun. Just last month, a disagreement started about music taste as they discussed Apple Music's Top 10 Albums of All Time, with Roker seeming to take offense at one of the inclusions.

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