Titans motivated by bulletin board material from Patriots: 'His revenge tour ended early'

The New England Patriots provided plenty of bulletin board material for the Tennessee Titans before they faced off in Saturday’s AFC wild-card game. And after they beat the Patriots 20-13, it was clear that the Titans had been motivated by all of it.

Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy gave the Titans a great bulletin board quote right after the Pats lost to the Miami Dolphins in Week 17. Van Noy proclaimed the start of the team’s “revenge tour,” and the Titans were the first stop.

After the win, Titans cornerback Logan Ryan, who used to play for the Patriots, had the perfect comeback to Van Noy’s revenge tour bluster.

The team also found motivation in Tom Brady’s pregame hype video, which portrayed Brady as a lion (of course) and the Titans as jackals and hyenas.

After the Patriots lost, the Titans locker room was abuzz with talk of hyenas.

The Titans’ Taylor Lewan even posted a response video after the game that intercut parts of Brady’s original video with scenes of the Titans win.

If the Patriots had won, no one would have really remembered any of the stuff they did or said to pump themselves up. But since they lost, they have to endure Titans players telling the world how motivated they were at the thought of beating the overconfident Patriots.

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