Tips and tricks for Click Frenzy success

Australia’s biggest national online mega-sale will break the internet once more on November 12.

Click Frenzy 2019 again promises hundreds of brands and retail stores offering thousands of deals to eager shoppers for 29 hours.

Look, we’re not going to lie, this crazy event can be a lot of effort with a big chance of little reward. Scoring a Click Frenzy deal isn’t as straightforward as regular online shopping.

But if you do manage to snag a serious bargain or four, you’ll pledge allegiance to Click Frenzy for life and possibly ask it to marry you.

Here are some tips to help you win this game of retail thrones.

Organisation is key to Click Frenzy success.

Get organised

Scoring a Click Frenzy deal is a matter of preparation, timing and luck. You can’t do much about the luck part, but the other two are doable. So, make like a boy scout and be prepared. You can also toast marshmallows if you want.

  • Become a Click Frenzy member. It’s free and gets you special deals and early access. Plus, it’s the only way to access Go Wild 99% off deals and you DO NOT want to miss those. Think a $14 Macbook Air or a $5 Xbox.

  • Turn off your Ad Blocker. Banners on the site will offer exclusive deals throughout the sale.

  • Watch your inbox. Click Frenzy will send emails with deals and instructions before and during the sale.

  • Do your research. If there are items you want that are likely to be on sale, check their RRPs before the event.

  • Set a budget. The event can be quite overwhelming and it’s easy to get carried away.

  • Confirm your state’s start time. Click Frenzy starts promptly at 7pm (AEST) on November 12, 2019.

Shop around (but do it quickly!)

Use the favourites shortlist button to save deals you’re considering while you browse.

If you're shopping for a particular item or brand, or you see something you like, maybe check other stockists as well.

But, don’t think for too long. Deals can disappear just as quickly as they drop. Some pre-Frenzy keyboard practice might be in order.

Who said shopping isn't work?

Follow the leader

Make sure you follow Click Frenzy on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for updates before and during the sale.

Manage your expectations

There are a lot of potential hurdles to get through on the way to bargain success, such as technical issues on the main site, technical issues on retailer sites, and depleted stock.

Big ticket items will likely sell out in minutes and Go Wild 99% off deals are near impossible to nab.

Try not to get your hopes up and treat it as a game. A game of pressing refresh constantly for 29 hours. Fun!

Zen and the art of shopping cart maintenance.


Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale Exhale. Repeat.

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